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Sage HRMS Human Resource Management System

Sage Human Resource Management System (HRMS) brings you an all-inclusive human resource management solution for small and medium businesses –– streamlining better decisions across all key HR tasks.

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Sage’s industry-leading Sage HRMS approach is fully flexible, allowing users to decisively face and adapt to HR management challenges. Sage HRMS lets users get the most out of any dollar they spend on employees by integrating accounting, insurance, hiring, employee self-service, and analytics.

The time is right to migrate to the subscription version of Sage HRMS. Each year, Sage makes additional investments to update and expand the value of HRMS. As a subscription license holder, you get automatic access to all the latest features as part of your subscription. Learn more about reasons to upgrade in this Datasheet: Why Upgrade to Sage HRMS Subscription

Conquer Your HR Challenges

According to the United States Department of Labor, private sector workers spend an average of $34.53 per hour worked on employee benefits, accounting for more than 30% of a typical organization’s operating expenses.

For so many corporate resources devoted to employee retention, it’s critical to find opportunities to maximize results, boost performance, and reduce costs. Sage HRMS assists in identifying and seizing those opportunities.

Strategies and techniques for improving individual and team performance evolve and new practices emerge but the overall concepts that make up performance management are well-known and widely implemented. But there are secrets to improving results that you can learn about in this WhitePaper: Secrets of Better Performance Management 

Secrets of Better Performance Management Whitepaper

Integrated payroll management

There's no allowance for payment errors when it comes to making  employees comfortable. Sage Payroll Management and Processing enables users to handle their payroll in-house in a comfortable and safe manner. ​

Simplify your employee benefits

By switching to Sage's online approach, users save endless hours and stacks of paperwork. By encouraging workers to make their own salary decisions, Sage Compensation Enrollment makes users satisfied. Administrators are guided through the incentive package setup process and staff are guided by open enrollment using simple step-by-step wizards.

with ease

The hiring and onboarding processes are simple and fast. Many aspects of the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes are automated with Sage's recruiting and onboarding modules, which are available as Sage HRMS add-ons. ​

Sage HRMS Core Products


Crystal Reports

Sage OrgPlus


Employee Self Service

Benefits Enrollment

Sage HRMS Endorsed Solutions

Tax Filing
by Aatrix

HR Actions

Time & Labor Import

Time & Attendance

Sage HRMS Integrated Add-on Solutions

Cyber Recruiter by Visibility

Performance Management

Talent Management

Training Management

Miviva Continuous Performance Management

Benefit Mall


HR Analytics

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