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Sage HRMS:
An All-In-One HR Solution

Sage HRMS brings you an all-inclusive human resource management solution for small and medium businesses –– streamlining better decisions across all key HR tasks.


Give Your Business
a Competitive Advantage

The industry-leading Sage Human Resource Management System is fully flexible, allowing users to decisively face and adapt to HR management challenges.

Sage HRMS lets users get the most out of any dollar they spend on employees by integrating accounting, benefits, hiring, employee self-service, and analytics.

Sage HRMS?

Integrated Payroll Management

There’s no allowance for payment errors when it comes to making employees comfortable. Sage Payroll Management and Processing enables users to handle their payroll in-house in a comfortable and safe manner. ​

Simplify Your Employee Benefits

By switching to Sage HRMS online, users save endless hours and stacks of paperwork. Administrators are guided through the setup process and staff are guided by open enrollment using simple step-by-step wizards.

Onboard With Ease

The hiring and onboarding processes are simple and fast. Many aspects of the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes are automated with Sage HRMS recruiting and onboarding modules, which are available as add-ons.

Conquer Your HR Challenges

For so many corporate resources devoted to employee retention, it’s critical to find opportunities to maximize results, boost performance, and reduce costs. Sage HRMS Premium assists in identifying and seizing those opportunities.

Sage HRMS offers many features and enhancements that improve your user experience, offers richer integration to accounts & payroll, meets wider compliance needs and improved technical underpinnings. The Sage HRMS premium version is a product that Sage is focusing its development upon, making investments in new functionality, enhancements, and technologies to improve its longevity and scalability.




Add-On Solutions

Sage 100 Payroll Link

The Sage 100 Payroll link delivers an automatic data integration with Sage HRMS and offers users superior information and sharing, tight integration, easy setup, and no duplicate data entry.  Manage all employee information, HR processes, and requirements in Sage HRMS and easily transfer your employee records to your Sage 100 Payroll.

Quickly Transfer your employee's absence


Manage employee records in single solution


Automatic deductions and earnings updates

Eliminate duplicate data entry

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