Payroll Tax Forms & eFiling

Manually completing and filing tax forms is costly for businesses. Pairing Sage Payroll with eFile by Aatrix eliminates to need for duplicate data entry and creates a fast and accurate way to ensure forms are correctly filled out and received in time to meet deadlines and avoid fines.

Features & Benefits

Say goodbye to manual report creation and hello to automation

Sage Payroll Tax Forms and eFiling by Aatrix are automatically completed, reviewed, and edited with the touch of a few buttons, then e-Filed in minutes for processing.

Save time

In no time, File your State and Federal W-2s and mail employee W-2s directly.

Employee Accessible

Allow employees to access their W-2's securly through the Aatrix Payroll eFile Center.

eliminate lost w-2s

No need to print lost or bad address W-2s. Simply provide your employees (current and past) their information and they can print their W-2s.

Get the full picture

Employees have the ability to view all W-2s eFiled over multiple years instantly.

24/7 access

W-2s can be accessed from the website anywhere, anytime.

Accuracy at a low price

Accuracy and efficiency are our top priority. Complete your W-2 filing with speed and precision that is affordable.

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