Workforce Go! HCM

WorkforceGO HCM: workforce management and human capital management in ONE

The Workforce Go! HCM™ suite combines the power of workforce management and human capital management (HCM) in one unified cloud platform to help users manage their entire workforce from pre-hire to retire — whether they’re salaried, hourly, full time, or part time.

Workforce Go HCM Time and Attendance

Key benefits of Workforce Go! HCM

Superior User Experience

Fast-track new user adoption with a universal interface and mobile access anytime, anywhere — minimizing training while boosting ease and efficiency.

Simple Cloud-based Delivery

Avoid installation, maintenance, and upgrade headaches with fast, efficient, cloud delivery — allowing IT staff to focus on core business initiatives.

One Integrated Solution

Integrate HR, time and attendance, payroll, and more for a single employee record — and real-time updates for informed business decisions in the moment.

Human Resources


Create a high-performing, engaged workforce by utilizing a robust applicant tracking system alongside human resources software from Workforce Go!.


Offer your new employees an automated onboarding experience that minimizes paperwork and simplifies the entire recruitment process for everyone.

Human Resources

Assists HR personnel in hiring, managing, and retaining a skilled workforce with greater ease, enabling them to play a more significant role in advancing your organization’s strategic goals.

Performance Management

Foster top talent and enhance performance management using key performance indicators and beyond with Workforce Go! HCM Performance Management.

Benefit Management

Empower users to easily set up, modify, and manage various benefit plans, providing instant access to eligibility, enrollment status, and costs.

Compensation Management

The Workforce Go! HCM HR add-on module simplifies and automates the entire compensation management workflow, enhancing visibility and control.

ACA Management Solution

The ACA management module streamlines ACA compliance for your entire workforce, facilitating benefit compliance and reporting for all employees, with a simplified year-end process.

Learning Management

Provide a seamless learning management solution that engages employees and aligns learning to your compliance, training, and development efforts.

Time & Labor

Time and Attendance

Automated, accurate time and attendance management system that helps boost employee productivity and engagement while giving real-time insight into labor data.

Advanced Scheduling

Provides automated tools and high-quality information needed to create schedules that align staffing requirements with budget, skills, and demand.

Leave Manager

Workforce Go! HCM add-on module helps you control and mitigate employee absence with tools to help ensure consistent absence and leave policy enforcement.


Workforce Go! HCM Payroll

Looking to simplify your entire payroll process while ensuring accuracy? Our payroll solution, a module in an integrated, cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite, continually processes payroll in real time so it’s ready at the click of a button. Complete automation streamlines payroll processing to reduce errors and ease your administrative burden. Real-time reporting enables you to analyze payroll activity and trends, verify processing benchmarks, and support regulatory compliance. This powerful, easy-to-use payroll solution provides the automated tools and high-quality information needed to help you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.

Workforce Go! HCM Integrations

Workforce Go! HCM for Acumatica

Workforce Go! HCM has extensive experience creating bidirectional integrations with some of the largest ERPs. With Acumatica, we’ve created an award-winning single source of truth to sync your real time HCM data.

Seamlessly synchronize employee details, cost centers, payroll allocations, time entries, and more, ensuring a unified experience in real-time. With Workforce Go! HCM as your employee data single source of truth, rest assured that the information mirrored in Acumatica is always up-to-date and accurate.

Workforce Go! HCM for Sage Intacct

Discover the power of our bidirectional integration between Sage Intacct, Standard or Construction, and Workforce Go! HCM to effortlessly unite your payroll processes, time management, and finance operations.

Welcome to a seamless experience where employee details, timesheets, project/task data, dimensions, and more sync effortlessly in real-time. Embrace Workforce Go! HCM as your ultimate source of truth for employee data, ensuring constant accuracy and up-to-date information mirrored in Sage Intacct. Say farewell to manual data entry and embrace a streamlined, efficient solution tailored to meet your unique payroll and operational requirements.

Customer Success Stories

Integration Reduces Time and Reduces Resources Required for Complex Reporting

CRA was initially seeking a new accounting software and settled on Sage Intacct. They first learned about Workforce Go! at Advantage, a Sage Software user conference focused on Sage Intacct clients. It was here that they were introduced to a number of Workforce Go! users who raved about Workforce Go! HCM and learned about its ability to seamlessly integrate with Sage Intacct bidirectionally in real-time.

The integration between Workforce Go! HCM and Sage Intacct has been incredible. From integration to go-live, both continue to exceed our expectations.

Efficiencies Surpass Expectations for Managing Contractual and Full-Time Employees

SPG required software with the power to handle frequent roster changes since the majority of the company’s employees are seasonal. They also needed payroll and general ledger solutions that communicated with one another. Initially, SPG did not consider using a full human capital management system. However, as they incorporated Workforce Go! HCM into their daily processes, management was so impressed with overall efficiency improvements that they decided to add on the human resource module as well. 

Once Workforce Go! and Sage Intacct were in place, SPG revamped pretty much every process in HR and accounting and felt improvements right away.

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