Employee Self Service (ESS)

With Sage Employee Self Service, you can automate your company administration and lead a happier workplace by giving workers control of their personal details (Sage ESS). Sage ESS offers a shared place for staff, supervisors, and administrators to access and handle sensitive personal data and business records, thanks to workflow capability and customized features.


HR information

Employees have access to a wide range of personal HR data, such as qualifications, work experience, and performance feedback.

Payroll information

Payroll records, such as pay history and pay stub data, is available to employees.

Manager features

For both direct and indirect reports, managers have immediate access to accurate employee results. They will look at things like attendance records, employee results, and pay history, among other things.

Time-off management

Employees have access to their attendance records and can take time off. Pending approvals are alerted to managers and administrators, who will quickly check and authorize them.

System workflow

Workflow features including automatic alerts and assigned approval privileges can help businesses run more smoothly.


Your business should add logos and colour schemes to pages and post relevant information, messages, and third-party connections for easier access by employees and managers.


Personal information

Employees will access vital personal details with only a few mouse clicks thanks to Sage ESS. They will look at talents, events, their new work, their career experience, and their performance ratings. They will also make changes to identification records, emergency contacts, educational information, and medical conditions.

Time-off management

It’s never been easier to keep track of your vacation days. Time-off balances, available attendance schedules, and absence transactions are also available to employees. They will take time off, as well as update or erase requests.

Benefits information

Employees have immediate access to details on their family expenses, such as dependents, health benefits, savings benefits, survivors, payroll premium rates, and workplace investment costs.

Payroll information

Instant access to payroll records, including salary data and compensation history, is given to employees. Pay stubs can also be viewed and printed by employees.

Manager features

Sage ESS provides administrators with instant access to critical employee data. They have access to staff and work records for direct reporting, as well as the ability to view and post employee notices, monitor birthday lists and attendance data, and check and accept time-off requests. Managers can accurately find staffing details on any individual inside their organizational map using the organizational drill-down tool.

Supervisor features

Supervisors can view and accept time-off requests in Sage ESS without having access to other confidential employee records.

System workflow

With comprehensive and versatile workflow functionality, Sage ESS automates business processes. Optional, independent HR, accounting, and compensation administration; the opportunity for managers to transfer approval powers, Sage ESS alerts, and email notifications; and customizable approval and notification assignment configurations are among them.


Employees’ personal data is kept safe thanks to features like password authentication and Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® database encryption. Sage ESS also includes 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard data sent over the Internet.


Sage ESS comes with built-in customization capabilities that allow you to customize the framework to your specific needs and provide a single hub for your workers to access critical company data. User-specified fields can be displayed, pages can be turned on and off, and URL links to third-party websites can be defined.

Integration to Sage HRMS

Full incorporation ensures that after updates are submitted and accepted by the relevant administrator, the Sage HRMS database is automatically modified.

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