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Finally there is payroll management and processing to produce accurate, timely payroll in-house, payday after payday. Sage HRMS Payroll is also available as a standalone solution that helps you manage payroll, your way.

Manufacturing, services, distribution, wholesale, financial, transportation, high-tech, government, schooling, construction, and agriculture are among the sectors supported by Sage HRMS Payroll.

Users will effectively meet and adapt to the HR and payroll management problems they face every day with Sage HRMS Payroll. Sage HRMS Payroll not only automates and streamlines your day-to-day HR and payroll business operations, but it also provides you with the resources and essential analytical staff knowledge the company needs to achieve its goals, allowing you to concentrate on the most important business asset—your workers.

Exquisite Payroll management is critical to your business

Reduce compliance risk and enhance productivity

Sage Time replaces the standard time clock with manager and employee self-service, is distributed as a SaaS solution in the cloud, and integrates with Sage HR and payroll.

Track time off and absences

Through Sage HRMS, you can track all forms of time off, like incident-based time off including jury service, emergency leave, and bereavement, as well as assign daily leaves of absence, monitor and report on FMLA leaves of absence, track medical clearance and recertification times, and track FMLA time taken.

Handle payroll your way

Give the accounting department a valuable tool for handling payroll accurately and on schedule. With Sage HRMS Payroll, you can tailor it and do the payroll your way because it's so modular.


Flexible payroll processing

Sage HRMS Payroll employs a straightforward and adaptable payroll process. Create as many payrolls as you can. Create job preference lists for which you can measure payroll and execute other sorting tasks.

Comprehensive reporting and compliance

Produce detailed processing records for the pay cycle, including pre- and postcheck registers as well as a review of wages, bonuses, allowances, accruals, and taxes. Workers’ Compensation, SUTA, and FUTA claims can all be tracked and recorded.

Accruals and overtime calculations

Set up a single calendar for all workers, regardless of years of service, for holiday or sick leave accrual, and a single overtime payout schedule for employees of any pay frequency, or conveniently build as many schedules as possible.

Check printing

With the option to print checks and direct deposit advices in one batch, you can preview and print personalized checks and direct deposit advices.

Direct deposit

Allows each employee to have an infinite number of direct deposit accounts, as well as automated ACH file formation.

Earnings and deductions

Set up an infinite number of earnings and deductions codes and assistance for a variety of accounting techniques and earning forms, such as base wages and tax-only earnings. You can also specify an infinite number of deductions for each employee or a group of workers, which you can easily control with policies like withholding frequencies and employer matching. Supports cafeteria plans, 401(k)s, 403(b)s, 408(k)(6)s, 457s, 501(c)(18)(D)s, RRSP, pensions, Canada Savings Bonds, stock options, wage garnishments, IRAs, and more. Globally update particular fields for earnings, deductions, and taxes assigned to employees.

Variable pay plans

Calculate variable compensation, such as sales fees, draws, and piece-rate output, automatically. The timecard feature allows you to insert sales dollars and production units per employee directly into payroll.

Pay frequencies

Support a wide range of pay frequencies to meet the demands of most organisations, such as government, education, among others.

Integration with Sage ERP and accounting solutions

Sage HRMS Payroll includes Sage ERP and accounting solutions convergence. Import/export tools make it simple to move data from Sage HRMS Payroll and other business solutions in your organization.

Sage Payroll CheckPrint

Sage Payroll CheckPrint is an add-on custom check stock/print solution that includes ready-to-print payroll checks, self-sealing check stock service, and a MICR font for the latest SAP Crystal Reports for Sage HRMS-based check stock.


Sage HRMS Payroll has payroll self-service capabilities as used for Sage HRMS and the optional Sage Employee Self Service (Sage ESS) expanded solution. Employees should have immediate access to payroll records, such as salary specifics and compensation history, as well as the ability to download and print pay stubs.

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