Cyber Recruiter by Visibility Software

For recruiters and hiring managers, Sage recommends Cyber Recruiter (by Visibility Software). Cyber Recruiter makes it easier to communicate, manage the entire recruiting process, and quickly and efficiently fill positions.

Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter is highly configurable, paperless, and process-oriented, and it streamlines procedures to attract and retain talented workers, increasing a company’s Return On Employee Investment (ROEI). This 100% web-based in-house tool works with a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer®, Safari®, and Firefox®, and is the ideal recruiting tool for your company.



Matches the look and feel of the career page to that of a company's existing website.

Intelligent search capability

Use a flexible resumé search feature that incorporates multiple criteria to find the right candidates.

Up-to-date postings

Post open positions to a company career page and online job boards such as® and with this applicant tracking solution.

Efficient scheduling

With built-in mechanisms for gathering immediate candidate-related feedback in a timely, process-oriented manner, simplify interview scheduling.

Seamless integration

Integrate an online application with a corporate website to collect vital applicant information, such as position-specific screening questions, for the recruiting process.

Automated email responses

Maintain effective control over every aspect of the recruiting process, especially at critical times.

Comprehensive content management

Allow users to easily manage content and customize the layout and display to meet their specific needs.

Advanced interface

Work with both background screening companies and Sage's HRMS solution.

Robust reporting functionality

With standard reports and an ad hoc web-based reporting tool, take advantage of powerful applicant and requisition reporting capabilities.

Employee access

Allow employees to easily update their resumes and keep track of all employee referrals.

Product Options


A full-service applicant tracking solution tailored to the needs of businesses that need a solid solution without the "extras" they won't use.


Employee referral tracking, a report writer tool, hiring manager access, advanced parsing capabilities, and more are all available with Express.


Easily manage all subsidiaries and groups. This is ideal for a multi-entity organization.





Fully functional recruiting system to manage openings and applicants; includes all of the steps from a new opening through sending an offer letter and onboarding

Configurable screen layouts, content, and workflow

Career site setup and maintenance tool 

Agency portal

Advanced resumé parsing

Ad hoc report writer

Configurable dashboards

Hiring manager access (unlimited)

Employee referral tracking

Organization/group-specific setup and workflow

Cross-group reporting

Central job board with redirects for applicants

Central applicant pool for searching across all entities

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