Recently Updated Enhancements

  • WO-1036 W/O Material Issue to Copy Materials from Work Order Entry

    This DSD Extended Solution to Work Order Transaction Entry modifies Material Issues to copy the required materials from the materials tab of Work Order Entry.
  • TCRE TimeTrack Punch In/Out Entry Rapid Entry

    This DSD Extended Solution adds Rapid Entry option to the Time Track setup options.

New Enhancements

  • BM-1037 Lot Valued Parent as Component of Own Bill

    This DSD Extended Solution to the Bill Of Materials module modifies Bill of Material Maintenance and Production Entry to allow a Lot valued Parent Item to be entered as a component of its own Bill of Material.
  • AP-1094 A/P Due To/Due From Accounts

    This DSD Extended Solution adds additional posting functionality to either AP-1016: Multiple Divisions/Companies on Checks, or AP-1073: Multiple Company Check Processing. For each check that pays funds for another company code, additional General Ledger entries will be created to offsetting ‘Due To’ and ‘Due From’ accounts that you specify in new Company Code Offset Account Maintenance program.