Sage HRMS HR Analytics

The Modern Alternative to Crystal Reports

HR Analytics is a web-based reporting and analytics platform that allows you to easily visualize, interpret, and exchange market insights. Stop wasting time by entering criteria, running Crystal Reports, receiving static output, and then repeating the procedure to obtain various outcomes.You can sort, drill down, hide/unhide columns, shift columns, and even create charts and graphs all from the same screen with Sage HRMS HR Analytics.

Easy to Use

End users are empowered to personalize results and develop modern dashboards, which reduces the learning curve.

Insightful Analytics

With efficient, but simple to use analytics tools, you can easily generate data comparisons, benchmarking, predictive analytics, trend predictions, and more.

Custom Dashboads

In just a few minutes, you can create dashboards to help you keep track of your company.

Secure Sharing and Collaboration

You have complete power of who has access to which reports and what details they can see in them.

Respond Rapidly

You will easily distribute reports and provide insight into the data as information is needed without involving IT.

Compelling Data Visualization

Create interactive and enticing visualizations of the data to go beyond tables and static papers.

Key Attributes

Robust Reports Catalog

  • Comes with over 180 different reports
  • Plus reports created automatically for Custom Details

Web Based

  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection

3 Data Sets

  • Sage HRMS
  • Sage HRMS Payroll (US)
  • Sage HRMS HR Actions

3 Types of Data Visualization Components

  • Data Tables
  • Analysis Grids
  • Data Explorer

Available to Any User

  • Access to HRMS is NOT necessary
  • Get field and column level data acess

Quick and Easy Access

  • Navigation
  • Bookmarks
  • Dashboards
  • Online Documentation

Sage HRMS HR Analytics Webinar

Featuring an overview and product demonstration of Sage HRMS HR Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

This solution is complete as offered. There are no optional components.

Yes. Sage HRMS HR Analytics must be licensed at the same employee tier as Sage HRMS. For example, if Sage HRMS is licensed at the 750 employee tier, this solution would also be licensed at the 750 employee tier.

This solution offers unique functionality that stands alone.

Sage HRMS HR Analytics – the latest web-based logging, dashboards, and monitoring platform for Sage HRMS – powers the reports of Sage HRMS HR Actions. When you update to Sage HRMS HR Actions version 10.7.30 or higher, those reports are automatically activated.If you’re already using Sage HRMS HR Actions, you’ll be registered for a free two-week preview of Sage HRMS HR Analytics after you update to 10.7.30. This will give you complete access to all of Sage HRMS’ HR and Payroll reports.

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