New Sage 100 Enhancements

Auto-Generate Check Payment (APGC)

From the vendor maintenance invoice tab you can now generate check payment entries for single or multiple invoices with this enhancement installed.

Auto-Generate Cash Receipts (ARGR)

From the customer maintenance invoice tab you can now generate cash receipt entries for single or multiple invoices with this enhancement installed.

Cash Receipts History Inquiry (ARCH)

This enhancement adds a new inquiry screen to display deposit information with associated checks, credit cards, and paid invoices.

Bank Reconciliation Transaction History (BRTH)

This enhancement adds a new inquiry screen for bank reconciliation transactions, such as checks, adjustments and deposits to be stored in a history file after the purge process.

Additional features include restoring entries and running a bank reconciliation history report.  

Payroll Check History (PRCH)

This enhancement adds a new check history inquiry that displays header and line details for each employee check.

Payroll InstaDocs (PRDM)

Allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed within employee maintenance. P/R Checks can be automatically stored in PDF format within the appropriate Employee directory.

With InstaDocs, all employee documents are at your fingertips! 

Payroll Criterion Link (PRCR)

Employee demographic and address information will be updated from Criterion into Sage 100.

DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic (MBIM)

The DSD / ScanForce Multi-Bin Management Module provides advanced features for warehouse inventory management in Sage 100. This new module is designed to work exclusively with Sage 100c. This module is available at no charge to all users on a current Sage 100c subscription plan.

A/P Batch Check Entry (APBC)

Adds a batch processing feature to Accounts Payable Invoice Payment Selection and Accounts Payable Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance Entry.

A/P Next Vendor Number (APNV)

This DSD Enhancement creates a Next Vendor Number option in Accounts Payable Vendor Maintenance, Accounts Payable Invoice Data Entry and Accounts Payable Manual Check Entry.

A/R Credit Collections (ARCC)

The Customer Collections enhancement is designed for those companies that need to track collection history and call history by customer.

A/R Credit Limit Evaluation (ARCL)

The Customer Credit Limit Evaluation enhancement is ideal for companies that want to set and maintain customer credit limits based on various factors.

A/R Deferred Revenue Posting (ARDR)

This enhancement allows future Revenue and Deferred Postings to the General Ledger to occur during the A/R Invoice Update.

A/R Simplified Item Pricing (ARIP)

Adds a new Simplified Item Pricing Screen to AR Customer Maintenance. This new Maintenance/Inquiry screen will allow the user to view or maintain all Item Pricing records for that customer in one screen.

B/M Production Lot/ Serial Distribution (BMPD)

Sage 100 Standard allows the entry of a Starting Lot/Serial Number on the Production Entry Header for lot/serialized Bills. This DSD Enhancement adds the ability to assign multiple unique lot/ serial numbers on the Production Entry Header. 

C/I Expanded Item Description (CIED)

This DSD Enhancement expands the standard Item Description field to 100 characters, rather than 30 characters.

I/M Miscellaneous Item Delete/ Change (IMCM)

The I/M Delete and Change Items Utility for Sage 100 has been enhanced to also allow for Delete, Renumber, and Merge of Miscellaneous Item Numbers.

I/M Lot/ Serial Traceability (IMLS)

This adds the ability to track lot and serial number components and which parent items they were produced into from Bill of Materials Production Entry. You are then able to trace these items through to which S/O Invoice they were shipped on.

I/M Next Item Number (IMNI)

This enhancement creates an Automatic Next Item Number option in Inventory Item Maintenance. 

S/O History Printing (SOHP)

Allows Sales Order forms to be printed from the Sales Order/Quote History Inquiry screen.

S/O Master Invoice (SOMI)

Combine multiple sales order invoices onto one “Master Invoice” after posting. Also adds the ability to receive payments from customers by master invoice in cash receipts entry. 

S/O Ship-To Split Commissions (SOSC)

Adds the ability to maintain Salesperson Split Commissions by Customer Ship-To Address.

V/I V/I Export During Update (VIEU)

Allows Visual Integrator Exports to be assigned to each Update Program in the AP, AR, IM, SO, and PO modules.  After the user selects Yes to Update a specific entry or batch in these modules, the VI Export that is assigned to it will “silently” execute.

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