Cyber Train for Total Training Management

Cyber Train is a web-based, role-based training management system that makes it simple and accurate to manage employee training requirements, enrollments, and certifications. This easy-to-use tool empowers supervisors, instructors, and employees by allowing them to access information about classes, course requirements, programs, and certifications via the web rather than through the HR department. This user-friendly, highly automated, and powerful program is ideal for ensuring that staff receives the training they require.

Effectively manage your training programs

With Cyber Train, companies can ensure that employees receive the training they require on time, every time. The complete training process is managed by this in-house or hosted, role-oriented, comprehensive self-service platform,
which can be modified to match client-specific training needs.

Easily Accessible

Access information and functionality designed for employees, supervisors, instructors, and training managers through cyber train’s self-service portal. From anywhere and at any time, users can access training content, review completed courses, and ensure certifications are up to date!

Complete Compliance

Examine certification expiration, courses due, notices, and accreditation needs to ensure personnel are in compliance with employment requirements. With Cyber Train, users can put an end to compliance infractions right now with this training process management!


Track employee and non-employee training requirements

Keep track of training requirements for employees and non-employees, as well as current enrollments, certifications, and programs.

access to information

Employees, supervisors, instructors, and training managers can use the self-service portal to access information and functionality.

Ensure Compliance

Examines certification expiration, courses due, notices, and accreditation needs to ensure personnel are in compliance with employment requirements.

automatic notification

Automate the communication of imminent certification expirations to personnel, supervisors, and training managers, making it easier to keep track of training obligations.

Automated approval process

Communication is streamlined and delays are reduced thanks to an automated supervisor approval procedure.

Limit class enrollment

Limit class enrollment to a specified number of students or organizational levels.

advanced automation

Process flow is simplified because to powerful administrative process automation and built-in communication mechanisms.

Track Processes

Curriculum development allows users to create a logical sequence of necessary classes and programs, allowing them to keep track of when workers are completing requirements.

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