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SAP® Crystal Dashboard Design for Sage HRMS

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design means that the company takes the best choices possible. Turn every kind of data into informative dashboards with our Dashboard Design. Using analytics to monitor company success, classify critical data relationships, and run what-if scenarios to better grasp the organization’s capacity. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design offers you a comprehensive view of your company’s critical information.


Features & Benefits

Empower employees

Employees can access and monitor critical personal details online with Sage ESS. Viewing capabilities, events, new work, career experience, and performance feedback are all examples of this.

customization tools

Sage ESS comes with built-in customization capabilities that allow you to customize the framework to your specific needs and provide a single hub for your workers to access critical company data. User-specified fields can be displayed, pages can be turned on and off, and URL links to third-party websites can be defined.

protect your info

Safe FTP (SFTP) and secure socket layer (SSL) Internet security protocols, PGP encryption standards, and authentication certificates protect your confidential employee benefits records.

How It Works

Microsoft Windows® is the foundation for SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. It’s made to make Adobe Flash-based data displays and dashboards out of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and a single live data source. It comes with a feature-rich library of ready-to-use charts, tables, gauges, progress bars, and other data visualization elements for producing immersive and engaging data visualizations. Through its point-and-click gui, you can easily add prebuilt charts and graphics to personal data in spreadsheets or real-time company data through an XML data feed or web server. The charts and graphics can then be delivered in real time through Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Adobe SWF, Adobe AIR, and the internet.

Overview of Visual Models of Benefits

Human Resources Dashboards

SAP Crystal Dashboard Design can be installed and used by a single named person to build dashboards and visual templates. A design license cannot be shared by more than one person. Additional SAP Crystal Dashboard Design licenses can be purchased if you need further design licenses. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design is not compatible with SAP BusinessObjectsTM software, SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions, SAP Business Suite software, or the SAP NetWeaver® Business Warehouse component when creating dashboards and visual models.

Share Self-Contained and Live Dashboards

Users can share selfcontained dashboards with an infinite number of users using SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. You will also exchange dashboards that are linked to a live data source if they aren’t connected to SAP BusinessObjects applications, SAP BusinessObjects Edge solutions, SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse, or delivered as part of a commercial sales, leasing, or lease agreement.

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