Sage Partner Cloud

Sage Partner Cloud

Sage recently issued a press release announcing the Sage Partner Cloud Program in the U.S. and Canada. The program encourages Sage partners like DSD Business Systems to encourage a path to remote connectivity for Sage 100 cloud upgrades by way of Microsoft Azure hosting.

With this, Sage partners and clients alike are empowered with the ability to host their Sage solution remotely while controlling costs and navigating manageable change.

Many businesses are experiencing challenges with their existing on-premise IT systems, which require regular upgrades and repairs in order to have the infrastructure that businesses require. As a result, managing conventional infrastructure takes time, is volatile, and necessitates experience. 

Enter the Cloud!

Gone are the days of workday disruptions caused by manual technology upgrades, and in their place is the forward-thinking cloud, which is ready for whatever the future may bring with its automated security and app updates.

Sage 100 technology has been reimagined in the cloud, freeing up organization’s wealth and skills to monopolize growth opportunities. Let Sage assist you in your development!

Sage Partner Cloud

Benefits / Trust Signals

The cloud’s automation means that businesses are prepared for any obstacles the future will bring. Frequent and automated cloud upgrades guarantee that Sage 100 solutions are equipped with the most up-to-date protection and maintenance tools, while doing so invisibly without you even noticing.

Investing in and transitioning to the cloud early has a direct effect on higher returns, according to a 2018 Capgemini survey. In Capgemini’s survey of 415 IT executives, the “Fast Mover” band, which is the top 20% performing group, the following is true:

75% say automation has led to increased revenue for the business.

84% claim their company’s agility has improved.

76% say the same
about overall profitability.

86% of customers have reported that automation has helped improve their customer experience.

75% have been able to use automation for business model information.

Sage Partner Cloud Resources

Sage Partner Cloud Hosting Demo for Sage 100 Users

Interested in seeing Sage Partner Cloud in action? Check out our demo that goes over key features, addresses the most common questions that organizations have, and gives you an in-depth and real time look into how Sage Partner Cloud works.

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Sage Partner Cloud

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