Sage HRMS Talent Management

Sage HRMS Talent Management

Sage HRMS Talent Management is here to aid you in retaining your top talent and keeping employee turnover low. 

What can talent management do for you?

Employee turnover is a significant and often undervalued cost for businesses. This cost includes not only wages and materials, but also recruitment costs, lost productivity, team morale effects, new training costs, and other less obvious expenses. If companies manage their talent well, they won’t have to deal with these issues.

Components of Talent Management

Sage HRMS Learning Management by Cornerstone OnDemand

Learning Management System (LMS), compliance, and collaboration

Sage HRMS Learning Management enables organizations to create, manage, and deliver personalized training programs for all members by combining targeted, blended learning initiatives. Preloaded e-learning titles from content providers are included in the system. The Enterprise 2.0 platform’s social networking features enable social learning, professional networking, and meaningful collaboration.

• Increase productivity
• Increase talent retention
• Fill skill gaps
• Lower administration costs
• Reduce compliance risk
• Enable high-impact social learning
• Facilitate connections between people

Sage HRMS Performance Management by Cornerstone OnDemand

Performance, compensation, and succession management

Individual goals are aligned with departmental objectives and organizational strategy using the Sage HRMS Performance Management platform. To close gaps, go beyond simple assessment and link the results of skill gap assessments to development plans.Identify promising talent and critical roles within a company, and make sure the right people are promoted to the right jobs. Finally, encourage employees to take an active role in their own professional development.

• Increase visibility into employee performance and productivity
• Grow a competency-driven culture
• Align day-to-day tasks with organizational objectives
• Link performance and pay
• Identify/track high-potential employees
• Plan for long-term organizational health


Keep track of training-based requirements and skills for employees

Fill open positions efficiently

Match up people and positions, and manage successions

Help employees understand and align with organizational strategy, structure, and goals

Engaged for success

Alignment with business goals

A company needs to make sure its business is aligned around its strategy.

Only 29.3 percent of people can correctly pick their own organization’s strategy statement, according to Timothy Devinney, a professor of strategy at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. Given that 15.7 percent of people can correctly guess a company’s strategy statement at random, the number of people who actually understand their company’s strategy is almost certainly lower than 29.3 percent.

When skilled workers’ goals are aligned with business objectives and their energy is directed toward the right targets, they become top performers.

When a company uses performance appraisal and management software, the number of low performers decreases while the number of high performers increases. Employee training and development may be planned and tracked as part of a talent management solution. Employee performance and engagement can both benefit from learning new skills.

People performance

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