Sage Benefits Enrollment

With a generous and affordable compensation plan, you will attract and retain your most talented workers. Sage Benefits Enrollment extends Sage HRMS’s effective benefits administration approach by allowing employers to make their own benefit elections through the Internet.

Advantages in Sage Any company will benefit from enrollment in terms of expense and time savings. Since workers enter their own benefit elections, it avoids paper and postal costs by reducing the need for written papers. It also eliminates time delays caused by manual sorting. Employees will often be more effective if they have direct and comprehensive access to insurance programs at all times of the day and night, as well as referrals to suppliers that often answer main benefits queries on their websites. Finally, when paired with Sage HRMS, it provides every midsized company with an efficient, effective, stable, and comprehensive benefits management system that can greatly improve Return On Employee Investment (ROEI).


Flexible benefits eligibility criteria

Choose from a long list of incentive package qualifying requirements and encourage employers to choose only certain options that meet their needs.

Life events management

Employees should change their marital status, dependents, dependent status, and other information as activities affecting their compensation occur during the year.

Monitor open enrollment progress

Easily monitor workers' progress through the open enrollment period and send them personalized confirmation emails.

Benefit plan integration

Have URL connections to benefit supplier pages, as well as company-specific account guides for online inspection by workers.

Ease of use

There is no need for staff preparation since the benefits open enrollment process is driven by familiar Internet browser technologies and easy-to-use wizards.

Election comparison

Employees can conveniently equate existing benefit elections with alternative benefit arrangements during the registration period.


Flexible project creation and setup

Multiple open enrollment programs are supported by setup wizards in Sage Benefits Enrollment, which direct administrators through the process of setting up benefit plan details, such as open enrollment start and end dates, appropriate companies, applicable organizational levels, contingent compliance, and more.

Automated workflows

With powerful, fully automated workflow capabilities, you can save hours of administrative time. Rather than waiting to batch update benefit elections, keep track of all employee selections as they happen. Errors are flagged immediately, encouraging management to ask the employee to make the necessary adjustments.

Life events management

Employees will use Sage Benefits Enrollment as a self-service platform to easily supply the HR department with life occurrence reminders in addition to joining annual benefit elections. Employees have the ability to add dependents, change their marital status, change their dependent status, and appoint their dependents as apprentices. These features are accessible at all times, including through open enrollment.

Guided enrollment process

Step-by-step wizards that guide staff through the benefits enrollment process are among the sophisticated resources available. These wizards are conveniently customizable to fulfill the requirements of your company’s open enrollment method. Employees are prompted to choose plans based on automatic qualifying requirements, and they will save their progress and come back at a certain time. When selections are complete, they can authorize changes with digital signatures.

Benefit plan integration

With a click of a button, provide workers with instant access to online content, including company-specific schedule records. Links to external websites may also be used for quick access to plan suppliers and other useful online resources.

Election comparisons

Employees may make educated decisions during open enrollment by matching the prices and coverage of their existing benefit elections to new package options.

Integration to Sage HRMS and Sage HRMS Payroll

Changes that support elections made during the open enrollment process are automatically changed in Sage HRMS after they have been accepted by the relevant administrator. Profit deduction updates are immediately changed as Sage HRMS Payroll is already installed, saving hours of redundant data entry.

24/7 access

Sage Benefits Enrollment works with a variety of browsers, including Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Firefox®, and Chrome®, so your employees will get started quickly. The user interface needs no preparation, and workers can also include their partners at home in the decision-making process thanks to 24/7 online access.

Administrator features

With robust software, administrators can effectively handle the entire open enrollment process. Customize alert notifications for workers who haven’t completed their compensation enrollment, conveniently track and employee’s progress, accept or deny benefit choices fast, and batch update accepted benefit package data updates to Sage HRMS.

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Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment

Sage HRMS Benefits Enrollment

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