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Sage 300cloud business management and accounting application offers high performance and reliability so that you can increase profitability and gain a competitive edge in your market. A comprehensive and flexible business management solution, Sage 300cloud is designed to keep your total cost of ownership low. At the core of Sage 300cloud is strong financial, operational, mobility, sales and an integrated customer relationship management(CRM) solution.

How Sage 300cloud Helps

Whether your business has one or several locations in the same city or across international borders, Sage 300cloud helps you manage finances, operations, and inventory in multiple languages and currencies.

With real-time, mobile access and visibility across your entire company to keep your business on track

Assert control over your inventory processes and reduce carrying costs while delivering orders on time. With Sage 300cloud, you can easily take charge of inventory receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments with multilocation inventory tracking capabilities.

With easily accessible, real time information, make better business decisions regarding what merchandise to stock, pricing, discontinued items, and trend analysis to best determine what’s selling and what to market.

Sage 300cloud offers real-time visibility to inventory data including receipt, shipping information, returns, disposition of goods, and precise value. It also allows you to obtain detailed, current inventory information on demand.

Sage Inventory Advisor* provides you with an inventory health check, produces quality forecasts, reduces the time spent on manual tasks, and determines the optimal investment needed to achieve target fill rates. It’s optimal for companies with one or more warehouses and 1,000+ SKUs.

With Sage 300cloud, your employees will be continuously aware of inventory levels and customer account changes such as alternative items. You will eliminate redundant data entry and automate workflow as well as:

• Set up detailed quotes, back orders, cancellations, shipments, and prepayments.

• Establish data-entry defaults so you can see customer information quickly.

• Gain real-time insight into stock levels, customer details, and shipping information.

• See and enter orders in the currency of your customers.

• View or print reports of transaction details and sales information.

• Track multiple payment schedules and other payment terms.

International Business Management Made Easy

Set up and manage your business whether it be in one country or 100 and in whichever currencies needed. View exchange rates and automate possible gains and losses from fluctuation.

Automate and Process Transactions Faster

View any and all transaction to easily reconcile your financial accounts, as well as processing payments quickly with built-in calculations to eliminate errors and save you time.

View Your Performance Across Your Organization

At the core of Sage 300cloud is strong financial, operational, mobility, sales and an integrated customer relationship management(CRM) solution.

Save Time by Streamlining Purchasing Processes

Automatically produce purchase orders from Inventory Control reorder information or from Order Entry backorders and quickly consolidate items from multiple purchase orders on a single receipt.

Sage 300cloud Modules

With Sage 300cloud you have access to accurate financials providing you with a clear understanding of your unique financial situation regarding a wide variety of topics such as receivables and payables, cash flow, companies, international borders, and currencies. 

Delight your customers, employees, and even your vendors by integrating processes between multiple warehouses and departments, allowing you to provide more efficient and accurate fulfillment to your customers, timely payments, and greater profitability. 

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Coordination For Manufacturing

Establish clear and concise inter-company transactions and more accurate project and job costs in order to provide better coordination between your inventory and production. 

Add Efficiency to HR, Payroll, and Projects

With Sage 300cloud you can process your payroll in house or outsource it and still maintain visibility to the transactions. Use a variety of methods to calculate your employee benefits, as well as greater ability to keep your projects within the budget and on schedule.

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