Sales Order and RMA Enhancements

Sales Order and RMA Enhancements

Sage 100 Sales Order Enhancement SOAS
S/O Advanced Shipping Entry (SOAS)

A new Auto Accumulate checkbox has been added to Shipping Data Entry, and when selected, any Qty Shipped entered will add to the previous Quantity Shipped entered.

S/O Enhanced Credit Memo (SOCM)

Header and Detail information from the original invoice can be recalled into the Credit Memo.

S/O InstaDocs (SODM)

Sales Order InstaDocs allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed within Sage 100 ERP.

S/O Deferred Revenue Posting (SODR)

Allows future Revenue and Deferred Revenue postings to the General Ledger to occur during the S/O Sales Journal Update.

S/O Farm Plan Interface (SOFP)

Streamline your data entry process by allowing this enhancement to communicate with Farm Plan directly from within Sage 100.

S/O History Printing (SOHP)

Allows Sales Order forms to be printed from the Sales Order/Quote History Inquiry screen.

S/O Multi-Currency (SOMC)

Allows Order Entry, Invoice Entry, inquiries and report printing in multiple currencies.

S/O Multiple Due Dates (SOMD)

Six new Due Date/Invoice Amount fields have been added to S/O Invoice Data Entry.

S/O Master Invoice (SOMI)

Combine multiple sales order invoices onto one “Master Invoice” after posting. Also adds the ability to receive payments from customers by master invoice in cash receipts entry.

S/O Product Label Printing (SOPL)

Allows the user to print product labels from sales order detail lines.

S/O Ship-To Split Commissions (SOSC)

Adds the ability to maintain Salesperson Split Commissions by Customer Ship-To Address.

S/O Shipping Integration (SOSI)

Integrate your shipping software system with your Sage 100 Sales Order shipping system. UPS Worldship and FedEx Shipping Manager are both supported out of the box, but other shipping software packages can be easily integrated with this enhancement.

S/O Automatic Next Customer Number (SO-1003)

Adds the ability to maintain a separate Next Customer Number series for the Automatic Next Customer Number for Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Invoice Entry, RMA Entry and RMA Receipt Entry.

S/O Sales Order Data Entry Tracking By User ID (SO-1010)

Adds a pop up window to Sales Order Data Entry and Sales Order Quote History Inquiry that contains the names of the users who created or last modified the sales order, or converted a quote to a standard order as well as the date and time of each action.

S/O Three-Tier Discount on Sales Orders/Invoices (SO-1011)

Adds 1st Tier Discount Rate/Amount, 2nd Tier Discount Rate/Amount and 3rd Tier Discount Rate/Amount fields to the Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice Total Screens. This addition allows discounts to be calculated in three tiers.

S/O Line Print Suppression (SO-1017)

Using a Sales Order Detail UDF and a Sales Order Invoice Detail UDF as the print/no print flag, this solution sets the default value for the UDF based on the line type.

S/O Promise Date by Line Item (SO-1018)

Sales Orders can be sorted by Promise Date or Order Date on the Inquiry tab of Inventory Maintenance and Inventory Inquiry. Picking Sheet selection has been modified with a range of Promise Dates.

S/O Item Sales History (SO-1023)

Allows you to view detailed Item Sales History by Customer/Item Number from Sales Order Entry, S/O Invoice Entry, A/R Customer Maintenance and Inquiry, and Inventory Item Maintenance and Inquiry.

S/O Multiple Customer Deposits on a Sales Order (SO-1032)

Allows for an unlimited number of deposits to be applied to a Sales Order and allows deposits from A/R Cash Receipts to be applied to a customer’s Sales Orders.

S/O Invoice Payment Terms (SO-1039)

Allows you to select alternate methods of calculating the Terms Discount.

S/O Commissions to use Alternate Cost/Price (SO-1047)

Calculates commission amounts using an Alternate Cost/Price. The Alternate Cost/Price used may be the Last Cost, Loaded Cost, ‘Standard Cost’, or the Undiscounted Price.

S/O Weight and User Defined Category Item (SO-1050)

Adds a floating window to the Lines tab of Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices.  For Inventory Item lines, it displays Weight Each, Weight Extended (Quantity Ordered times Weight Each), Order Total Weight and a User Defined Inventory Category Code: Each, Extended Amount and Order Total.

S/O Salesperson Commission by Product line and Item Number (SO-1051)

Adds a new entry screen to A/R Salesperson Maintenance for entering Salesperson Commission by Product Line or Item Number.

  S/O Salesperson Commission by Product line and Item Number (SO-1052)

Allows for a Miscellaneous Item Code to be automatically added to Orders and/or Invoices when you exit the Lines Tab.  This enhancement is often used to calculate California CRV or other per unit charges.

S/O Sales Order/Invoice Line Item Sorting Options (SO-1054)

Lines may be sorted by Item Number, Warehouse/Bin Location/Item Number, Item Category Code, Vendor Number, Item Description, Product Line/Item Number, or Item Number/SO Detail UDF.

S/O Commissions by Line Item (SO-1055)

Allows commission rates to be overridden in Sales Order and S/O Invoice entry on a line item basis.

S/O Segment Substitution On The Fly (SO-1056)

Adds ‘Segment Sub Account’ fields to Sales Order and S/O Invoice entry. They can be substituted in the accounts associated with Sales Orders or Invoice lines, or the Sales Journal update process.

S/O Subtotals/Running Totals on Sales Orders and Invoices (SO-1066)

Creates either Running Totals or Subtotals during Sales Order and Invoice Line Entry.

S/O Ship-To/Ship-Via by Line Item & Invoices (SO-1067)

Adds the Ship-To Code and the Ship-Via Shipping Code to the Sales Order and S/O Invoice detail line..

S/O Kit Explosion to Convert Components to Items (SO-1068)

Changes the way exploded Kits are processed in Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice Entry.  The components become regular inventory lines while the kit line will either be deleted or will become: a special Item, a discounted item, a regular item or a non-discounted item depending on what you specify.

S/O Customer Discount Rate by Line Item (SO-1069)

Adds a Customer Discount Rate to the Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice header screens. The value entered in this field will be the default value in the lines’ Discount % field for the order.

S/O Default Warehouse by Customer or by User ID (SO-1073)

Each User and Customer to have a default warehouse.

S/O Bill Option Description and Price On SO Forms (SO-1092)

Modifies Sales Order and Sales Order Invoice work files with additional fields for printing the Bill of Material Option Category Number, Option Code Number, Option Code Description (lines 1 and 2), the corresponding price associated with the selected Option Code, and the price extension.

S/O Sliding Scale Commissions by Items (SO-1095)

Allows commissions generated from Sales Order invoices to be calculated on a sliding scale based on either the gross profit percentage or the unit price of the individual Inventory line items.

S/O On Demand Sales Order Fill Report (SO-1099)

Adds a utility which scans sales orders and makes allocation recommendations for order fulfillment based on the on hand inventory and the selection criteria specified. A report will print detailing the selections.

S/O Enhanced Batch Processing (SO-1100)

Allows invoices to be selected individually for batch merge.

S/O G/L Account Number Override by Code (SO-1119)

Allows you to maintain a list of Override Codes which can be applied at a document level or a line level to change the Cost of Goods Sold and Sales Accounts. 

S/O Multiple Sales Orders On Single Invoice (SO-1121)

Enables one Sales Order Invoice to be created containing line items from multiple Sales Orders for the same customer.

S/O Import Utility for Sales Order (SO-1123)

Adds a utility designed to import data into Sales Order entry from an ASCII file. Only the following formats will be converted to the business framework: ASCII, Silvercote, Hayes, Hauser and Kenda.

S/O Standard Order from Master Order Enhancement (SO-1179)

Allows the user to set the quantity to zero while creating Standard Orders from Master Orders.  Modifies the prompt line while on the ‘Quantity Ordered’ field to display: the Master Order’s ‘Original’ quantity and ‘Balance’ quantity, this standard Sales Order’s ‘Quantity Ordered’ and the ‘Qty Available’ for the warehouse referenced.

S/O Drop Ship Warehouse for Sales Order & Purchase Order (SO-1183)

Provides for an alternate method of Drop Shipping Inventory Items, which will record accounting events in the Inventory module. 

S/O Component Editing before Kit Explosion (SO-1207)

Allows you to manipulate the components of a Bill of Material Kit (add or delete components, change the quantity ordered, change the warehouse) prior to Kit explosion. You can also recalculate the Kit’s Unit Price based on a markup percent from the components’ average costs.

S/O Item Memo Pop-Up (SO-1226)

Pops up a display-only window of all memos for the Inventory Item as you exit the Inventory Item Number field during Sales Order and Invoice Data Entry.

S/O Invoices with Multiple Due Dates (SO-1241)

Allows up to twelve due dates to be assigned to designated terms codes during S/O Invoice Entry. A percentage of the invoice amount can be designated due for each of the due dates.

S/O Sales Journal Update to Create IM Transfers (SO-1242)

Adds the ability to create Inventory Transfers for S/O Invoices that either reference particular A/R Divisions or contain Customers who have been selected for this processing via a Custom Office UDF.

S/O Auto Next Order/Invoice Number by Division (SO-1250)

Allows you to specify the ‘Next’ Sales Order and Invoice Number by Division.

S/O Back Orders Allowed by Customer (SO-1269)

Adds the ability to specify on a Customer level whether or not backorders are allowed.

S/O Master Orders to Impact on Sales Order (SO-1274)

Causes Master Order Balance Quantities to appear in the I/M Warehouse Quantity On S/O Bucket. The I/M Open Sales Order Inquiry has been changed to display Master Orders.

S/O Print Control for On Hold Customers (SO-1284)

Adds protection for the printing of sales orders and picking sheets when a customer is on Credit Hold.

S/O Enhanced Auto Generate Invoice Function (SO-1288)

Additional functionality to Auto Invoice Generations program: Ability to automatically assign the Sales Order Number as the Invoice Number, select by Terms Code, SO Promise Date, Warehouse, and Order Type.

S/O Other Orders Warning Message (SO-1295)

Displays a warning message if a Customer entered has any other standard Sales Orders or Backorders on file.

S/O Customer Retail Pricing in Sales Order (SO-1321)

Uses an Inventory Item’s Retail Price instead of the Standard Price for Customers flagged as Retail Customers in Sales Order Entry and S/O Invoice Entry.

S/O Discount from Order Total within Product Line (SO-1324)

This enhancement to Sales Order Entry, S/O Invoice Entry and A/R Customer Maintenance adds the ability to maintain Price Discounts by Product Line from Customer Maintenance.

S/O Salesperson Account Substitution (SO-1326)

Adds the ability to substitute an account segment into the COGS account and Sales account for each salesperson.

S/O Hold Flags for Sales Order (SO-1328)

Allows you to place orders on specific types of ‘hold’: Terms Hold, Credit Hold and Margin Hold.

S/O Line Item Discount Validation by Product Line (SO-1333)

Adds the ability to default and validate an inventory line discount percent by Product Line in Sales Order and Invoice entry.

S/O Back Order Utility for Sales Order (SO-1349)

Adds a new ‘Back Order Fill Utility’ to the Sales Order Setup menu.

S/O Lot/Serial # Cost Field in Credit Memos (SO-1351)

Adds a Unit Cost field to Lot/Serial Distribution Entry for Credit Memo type Sales Order Invoices. This field will be used for all of the cost postings during Sales Journal Update.

S/O Commission Rate Table by Salesperson/ Customer/Item (SO-1354)

Adds a Commission Rate Maintenance program which allows you to specify Commission Rate (percentage or flat dollar amount) by combinations of salesperson/customer/item number. An Effective Date can be associated with the record which will be compared with Invoice date to determine which commission record to use.

S/O UOM Lookup to Display only IM Masterfile UOMs (SO-1356)

Modifies the Unit of Measure lookup in Sales Order Entry to only list the Standard UOM, Sales UOM and Purchase UOM set up in the IM Masterfile.

S/O Modified Pricing & Posting for Sales Order (SO-1359)

Adds an additional five fields to Inventory Item Pricing. These fields will hold a dollar amount and will be incorporated into the item’s price. A separate General Ledger posting will take place during Sales Journal update. This posting will encompass a specified General Ledger Account for the new fields, and a Discount Account for the individual item’s discount.

S/O Enhanced Qty Available Checking in Invoice Entry (SO-1370)

Modifies Sales Order Invoice Entry to calculate Available Quantity ‘on the fly’ for each Inventory line’s Item/Warehouse, compare it to the Quantity Ordered, and present you with a window listing all lines which cannot ‘Ship Complete.’

S/O Inventory Item Unit Cost by Line in Order Entry (SO-1381)

Allows entry of the Unit Cost field on a Sales Order/Sales Order Invoice line. The unit cost from the pricing record will default to the unit cost on the line and will be used during Sales Journal Update.

S/O Order Total Discount by Order Total Amount (SO-1385)

Fills the Total Discount field with a value based on the order’s total dollar amount before Freight and Tax.

S/O Quotation Entry (SO-1386)

Adds a new ‘Quotation Entry’ menu option to the Sales Order Main Menu.

S/O Additional Order and Invoice Number Series (SO-1394)

Allows you to define multiple series of Sales Order or Invoice Numbers. These series will begin with up to six user-defined alphanumeric characters. During Sales Order or Invoice Entry, key in those alphanumeric characters in the Order Number or Invoice Number field and click the ‘#’ sign to produce the new Order Number or Invoice Number.

S/O Negative Lot/Serial Distribution in Invoice Entry (SO-1396)

Allows negative lot/serial tier distribution on standard invoices.

S/O Enhanced Shipping Data Entry (SO-1404)

Removes the restriction and/or warning against processing Orders in Shipping Entry when a Customer is on Credit Hold. Prevents freight recalculation when a specified Order Header UDF is set to a particular value. Issues audible alerts any time the user over ships a line or selects an item that is not on the order.

Default all lines to the color of red, and then to change to black as they are shipped.

S/O Quantity Checking in Shipping Data Entry (SO-1429)

Performs quantity available checking during Shipping Data Entry.

S/O Kit Component Display Suppression (SO-1451)

Enhances Sales Order Entry and Invoice Data Entry to display only those Kit Component Lines that have their ‘Print Component’ flags in Bill Of Materials checked. Sales Order Inquiry, Order/Quote History Inquiry and A/R Invoice History have also been similarly enhanced.

S/O Dollar Amount Discounts for Sales Order Lines (SO-1457)

Adds a Discount Amount field in Sales Order and Invoice Line Entry.

S/O Line Discount Posting to General Ledger (SO-1458)

Modifies the Sales Journal Update to post the amount of the line’s discount to a specific G/L Account. This General Ledger account can be specific to the Product Line.

S/O Committed Items for Sales Order (SO-1460)

Adds the concept of consigning quantities of inventory items on a sales order for delivery now, versus the quantities of those items that are on order for delivery later. Back Order processing has been removed from the Sales Journal Update: the ‘Back Ordered Quantity’ on an Order or Invoice becomes the ‘Committed Quantity.’ Quantities can be committed or de-committed manually or via a Commitment Utility.

S/O Customer Delivery Date Refresh (SO-1468)

modifies the Sales Order Sales Journal update to refresh the Customer’s ‘Next Delivery Date,’ which is held in a specified A/R Customer User Defined Field.

S/O Credit Memo Application to Sales Orders & Invoices (SO-1469)

Allows application of Credit Memos to Sales Orders and Sales Order Invoices as additional deposits.

S/O Line Entry Tracking by User (SO-1470)

Tracks the User and System Date for the creation and modification of each Sales Order Entry line via Sales Order Line Custom Office UDFs.

S/O Item Labels from Sales Order and Invoice Entry (SO-1472)

Adds a menu option for Item Label Printing to the Sales Order Main Menu.

S/O Delivery Scheduling for Sales Orders (SO-1473)

Allows you to establish delivery calendars for trucks. These calendars will hold the specific days of the week which are available for delivery as well as the maximum number of deliveries allowed per day. Each calendar’s delivery area is restricted by Zip Code.

S/O Sales and Cost of Goods Segment Substitution by UDF (SO-1474)

Allows for segment substitution of the Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Discounts Allowed and Freight accounts by a Sales Order Header UDF value during Sales Order and Invoice Data Entry.

S/O Update Master Order Balance Qty with Qty Shipped (SO-1478)

Updates a Master Order’s ‘Quantity Ordered’ with the difference between ‘Quantity Shipped’ and ‘Quantity Ordered’ from an Invoice when ‘Quantity Shipped’ exceeds ‘Quantity Ordered’.

S/O Enhanced Alias Item Entry for Orders & Invoices (SO-1479)

Presents a list of all Inventory Item Number matches when an Alias Item Number is on file for multiple Item Numbers.

S/O Brokerage Invoicing (SO-1494)

This enhancement to the Sales Order module calculates the Unit Price on the line as a percentage if its value, thereby creating a ‘commission invoice’.

S/O Enhanced Starship Link (SO-1500)

Denote by Customer UDF if their shipments are Residential Delivery. Denote by Shipping Entry if you are going to bill the recipient.  Include the calculated weight of Inventory Items in the Package file.

S/O Auto Distribution of Lot and Serial Numbers (SO-1503)

This DSD enhancement provides several options for automatically distributing Lot/Serial Numbers on Sales Order Invoices.

S/O Enhanced Credit Card Processing (SO-1504)

Records that a credit card has been swiped and will note that in the file submitted for merchant authorization.

S/O Customer Price Schedule Creation On-The-Fly (SO-1506)

Creates Customer Price Schedules on the fly from Sales Order entry and prevent the user from overriding the Unit Price when a Customer Price Schedule is in effect.

S/O Surcharge Calculation for Invoice Entry (SO-1507)

Will calculate an additional fee and add this to the Invoice Total. This Surcharge is calculated as a Customer specific percentage of the total of the lines extensions.

S/O Shipping Number Default From Sales Order Number (SO-1509)

Modifies Shipping Data Entry to assign the Sales Order Number as the Shipping Number when that Shipping Number does not already exist.

S/O Individual Order Selection for Picking Sheets (SO-1531)

Allows you to select multiple individual Sales Order Picking Sheets for printing.

S/O Sales Order Defaults (SO-1532)

Adds field defaulting and processing changes to Sales Order entry and Sales Order Invoice entry.

S/O Segment Substitution by Header Warehouse (SO-1536)

This enhancement to the Sales Order module will look to the warehouse on the document header to obtain the correct substitution values – when warehouse segment substitution applies to an Inventory item’s Sales Account, and COGS (cost of goods) Account on a sales order or sales order invoice.

S/O Sales Promotions for Item Pricing and Commissions (SO-1541)

This enhancement to the Sales Order module adds Sales Promotions Maintenance, which allows commission and inventory item pricing to be associated with a sales promotion.

S/O Multiple Jobs on a Single Invoice (SO-1542)

Allows the user to reference different Job Numbers on each Sales Order line when Sales Order has been integrated with Job Cost.

S/O Pricing by Product Line/Customer (SO-1547)

Adds Product Line/Customer Pricing to the IM Price Code File. It can be maintained from Customer Item Pricing Maintenance.

S/O Duplicate Item Checking in Sales Order Entry (SO-1549)

Check for duplicate entry of Inventory Items, Miscellaneous Items, Miscellaneous Charge or Special Item line types in Sales Order Entry and Sales Order Invoice Entry. When found the user will be warned that they exist.

S/O Sales Journal Update to Use Average Cost for Lots (SO-1556)

Enhances the Sales Order Sales Journal and its update to use a Lot item’s inventory warehouse Average cost in place of the Lot cost for the Cost of Goods Sold posting.

S/O Job Warranty Price Check (SO-1561)

Warns the user when the unit price is set to $0.00 for an item which is out of its warranty period. In this instance, the warranty is defined in a specified Sales Order Header UDF and the warranty period ties to a specific Job Masterfile value.

S/O Price Evaluation (SO-1564)

Determines the better price for the customer: a discount percentage applied to the Standard Price or the Unit Price as determined by MAS90 based on the pricing hierarchy.

S/O Bill Option Edit from Sales Order Entry (SO-1567)

Allows a Bill’s options to be edited in Sales Order Entry.

R/A Multi-Currency (RAMC)

This enhancement provides the Sage 100 user with the ability to generate RMA’s and Receipts in different currencies.

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