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WEBINAR 12/12 | Preparing for Processing: Best Practices for Year End Close

Year-end is approaching; The busiest time for Finance & HR. Now is the time to start planning so that the entire process will be smooth and stress free – and our team wants to help by offering a free 1-hour webinar packed with tips, tricks and best practices for a successful…

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Managing Change After HR Software Implementation

Deciding to implement HR software in your company is a big step forward. it means addressing many of the problems within your company with a single solution that can completely shift the way you do business and result in time and financial savings. Implementing HR software across your company isn’t…

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How to Avoid 10 Crucial Excel Spreadsheet Pitfalls

What starts as a simple Microsoft Excel typo can lead to massive spreadsheet pitfalls: company-wide public misstatements, billion-dollar losses, tarnished reputations, and career terminations. While that sounds like an exaggeration, it’s not.  At least one mistake is present in 70–80% of US spreadsheets, and the ramifications can be severe. Types…

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