Sage Intacct Advantage 2020 Event Recap

Sage Intacct Advantage 2020 Recap

The annual Sage Intacct Advantage conference was held virtually around the world this year and your trusted DSD advisors were in attendance as always. The DSD team attended numerous sessions focused on strategic processes and leadership in the office of finance, Sage Intacct new features/functionality, and magic (yes, not a typo!).  Read on to hear some of our favorite takeaways from the first ever, virtual event!

Sage Intacct Advantage 2020 Recap

Technology for Business Continuity

The unprecedented events of 2020 underscored an emphasis on business transformation with cloud technology and a bright future from Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct leadership keynotes touched on the ways in which digital technology can and continues to enable finance teams with the abilities for quick decision-making in the fast-changing market.

In the opening keynote, Marc Linden, EVP and General Manager at Sage, said “After several months in this pandemic, one thing has become clear: digital transformation is here and it’s accelerating … digital transformation is the new normal.”

New Strategies for the Modern CFO

Sage Intacct continues to promote forward-thinking around the evolution of the CFO role in modern times.

Both keynote and content sessions outlined a mindset shift from data information & transactional focused responsibilities to strategic business partner with influential duties for the organization.

Sage Intacct sees accomplishing these objectives through interjecting more Artificial Intelligence into daily processes is exciting and sort of makes us hybrid Accounting/IT professionals “cool” people to talk to!

continued healthcare investment

Sage Intacct’s investment into supporting customers in the Healthcare vertical continues to impress. With the core product and evolving solution stack for this industry, the ability to scale and support  a range of organizations from smaller practices to larger healthcare systems is abundantly clear.

Current integration development plans to EMR systems and continued offerings related to HIPAA compliance are exactly what the doctor ordered for our customers.

Add-on Market Growth

The Virtual Expo Hall was filled with new logos meaning the Sage Intacct Marketplace is rapidly growing, confirming that SMB business software organizations  continue to realize how great the Sage Intacct platform is and want to invest.

The ability to integrate to numerous process and industry specific software solutions gives clients and prospects more and more opportunities every day to solve our customers’ business challenges.

The Magic

The magic of effective communication as presented by Vinh Giang during the closing keynote. He emphasized the voice as an instrument and the idea that we are only as good as we communicate. 

His inspiring message emphasized the importance of physical and verbal cues and techniques struck a chord with each of us and gave us tools to increase the value of both our professional and personal communication.

Sage Intacct New Features

New Dynamic Merge Fields in Smart Rules and Events

Sage Intacct has now added the ability to add dynamic merge fields into the error or warning message of a SmartRule to further customize the guidance for system users on what is wrong or what to correct.

EXAMPLE: if management wants to create a SmartRule to temporarily disallow use of Department #500 with Project #1001 on an AP Bill, we can enter “{!APBILLITEM.DEPARTMENTID!} is not allowed to be used with {!APBILLITEM.PROJECTID!}. Please go back and correct.” in the error message displayed to the end user for clarity and to make the error message less generic and more specific.

Sage Intacct users can now add dynamic merge fields in SmartEvents results, as well.

EXAMPLE: When using the Email action SmartEvent to notify someone about an AP Bill for a special reason or condition, one could enter {!APBILL.RECORD_URL!} into the email body, that would produce a URL in the email for the receipting to click and dive into Sage Intacct.

Ternary Operators in Smart Rules and Events

The use of Ternary Operators in Smart Rules and/or Smart Events setup is now available for easy-to-manage condition codes. 

It would look something like: “({!OBJECTNAME.OBJECTFIELD!} *rules* ) ? false : true”.

For Smart Rules, the functionality would produce an error or a warning if the condition rule(s) were not met (i.e. was false), otherwise disregard any error or warning if the condition rule(s) were met (i.e. was true).

For Smart Events, the functionality would not perform the action if the condition rule(s) were not met (i.e. was false), otherwise perform the action if the condition rule(s) were met (i.e. was true).

Dimension-based reports

Take your Financial Reports to a deeper level with Dimension-based reports and Row expansion capabilities.

See below screenshots with examples to illustrate the setup in the report writer and what to expect in the output.

Example 1:
Customer dimension group hierarchy (groups based on customer location), expanding by Item dimension (i.e. blue and purple sections).

Sage Intacct Expanding by Dimension

Example 2:
Customer dimension group hierarchy (groups based on customer location), expanding by Account Group(s).

Sage Intacct Expanding by Another Group

Sage Intacct Advantage: Road Ahead

Advantage has always been a highlight of the year and a special opportunity to come together with the Sage Intacct community to share experiences and celebrate successes. This year may have been a little different but the virtual format also added the bonus of affordability and recorded sessions made available on-demand until November 30th 2020. This format allows attendees the luxury of gaining insights from more than just their role-focused sessions and the convenience of engaging with the content around their work tasks – a TRUE advantage!

 Save the date!

Sage Intacct Advantage 2021
November 8-11, 2021
Las Vegas, NV

We hope everyone has a safe & healthy Holiday season and we look forward to seeing our customers, prospects, and Intacct community colleagues at Advantage 2021 in Vegas!

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