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Types of Payroll Management & Methods

The management of a company’s payroll involves all functions and processes by which its employees receive their salaries or any other form of financial remuneration. These functions also include the reconciliation and balancing of payroll data as and calculation and depositing of taxes. A payroll accountant is also responsible for…

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3 Must Know Payroll Tips

If you want to stay on top of payroll, you will need to spend a lot of time and go through the hectic process. If your payroll process is in-house, it will quickly spiral into a nightmare for any business owner. In a survey, conducted by National Business Association, 60%…

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Sage Intacct Automated Processes For Small Distributors

The wholesale distribution industry faces a great challenge today. With large public warehouses such as Amazon getting into wholesale distribution, it is a real competition for small wholesale distributors to keep pace. Since the larger corporations have more resources, money, and technology, they can massively cut down on costs and…

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