Category: Accounting

The First Steps to Selecting New Accounting Software

As businesses evolve, they need access to reliable accounting systems capable of integrating with other systems, simplifying basic bookkeeping activities, and delivering actionable financial insights on business operations. Investing in new accounting software for the first time or to replace an outdated system may seem daunting. The marketplace is full…

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5 Steps to Delegating Work Effectively

Have you ever been busy working and think to yourself: “Ugh, I need six of me”? Well, one secret to good management is that, if you learn how to delegate effectively, it can feel like you have six of you. Some managers avoid delegating for fear of dumping work on…

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How Do I Choose Accounting Software?

Accounting software has advanced quite a bit over the past few years, providing businesses of all sizes with more comprehensive solutions, integrated applications, and potential for scalability. More companies are discovering the benefits of updating old, outdated accounting software and opting instead for enterprise research planning (ERP) software. The accounting software…

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