Sage 100 to Sage 100cloud: The top 5 reasons to upgrade

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Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90/200) has always been a powerful ERP solution for SMBs that need complex functionality beyond simple accounting software like QuickBooks. However, Sage 100cloud has the same power with a number of added benefits in functionality and connectivity designed to prepare your organization to embrace the future of technology at a pace well suited for your business.

Sage 100cloud is the future of the mid-market Sage product line.

All ongoing research and development, including advances in cloud features, will be made available for Sage 100cloud users. The enhanced functionality and improved integration with additional modules and other cloud connections, Sage 100cloud will modernized businesses seeking to grow their current Sage product for the future.

Top 5 reasons to modernize your Sage solution:

  1. Cloud Mobility & Connectivity
    Sage 100cloud features a new UI and a deeper level of connectivity with multiple devices, providing real-time integration between Sage 100cloud and several mobile-ready modules. This includes Sage Inventory Advisor Basic, a cloud-based solution that provides Sage 100 users with comprehensive visibility into their stocked items and allow them to automate supply chain processes. Others include DSD multi-bin warehousing, e-commerce and cloud backup integrations.
  2. Office 365 Integration
    Sage 100cloud allows integration with Microsoft Office 365 solutions, providing additional benefits for many organizations. Sage Contact delivers customer data through the Outlook platform and users to keep track of customer information and communications within both systems to help unify your data and processes.
  3. Workflow Automation and Drill Down Capabilities
    Sage 100cloud features streamlined data capture capabilities and new tools for comprehensive visibility. Users can leverage an internal search engine to find individual functions much more easily and utilize the Business Insight Dashboard to get an overview of existing data streams. Migrating to the modern version also allows you to establish more automated workflows for recording and reporting processes within financial and inventory control modules.
  4. Additional Manufacturing & Distribution Functionality
    Sage 100cloud delivers additional functionality for manufacturing and distribution businesses, including material, inventory and financial controls built into the system. Native Material Requirements Planning, Bills of Materials, Inventory Management, and Purchase Order enable you to plan out production cycles and build complete audit trails from ingredient purchase to distribution.
  5. Great Value for Growth
    Sage 100cloud is subscription-based, making growing with the solution significantly less expensive than the perpetual Sage 100 product.

Sage Business Cloud is the future
Sage 100cloud is one part of Sage’s cloud development initiative called the Sage Business Cloud. At Sage Summit San Diego, Sage announced a change in strategy from being a PRODUCT to a PLATFORM with Sage Business Cloud, which has been designed as “the only cloud platform that businesses will ever need.” The products and integrations associated with the Sage Business Cloud platform environment reflect this strategy in providing an promising path for users to adopt cloud technology at their own pace.

Future Development in Sage 100cloud
Because of this emphasis on the Sage Business Cloud, Sage is will focus on 100cloud for updates and continued development. Sage 100 perpetual license holders will remain supported for a few release cycles, however, users of the older versions of Sage 100 will not be able to take advantage of major technology upgrades and integrations planned for future releases. On the other hand, Sage 100cloud users will receive all the new development features along with new integrations that Sage will continue to build out to keep up with technological advancements and modernizing the software.

Until March 31st 2019, upgrading to the Sage 100cloud solution will cost NO MORE than your current Business Care Plan.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of Sage 100cloud and begin your migration to the future of Sage with Sage business Cloud.

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