Extended Solutions Catalog – Part 2

Blog by Doug Deane Extended Solutions Catalog – Part 2 Sage has selected DSD Business Systems as a Preferred Developer for Extended Solutions, and you can count on DSD to be your provider of these Extended Solutions.  As I mentioned in my previous blog, DSD will be releasing a full…

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The Art of Listening

Blog by Doug Deane The Art of Listening Do you know what the most important business skill is?  Yes, that’s right, you got a big hint from the title of this blog.  It’s listening, and you’re not doing it well enough. I strongly suggest that you keep reading. When you’re…

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100% Money Back Guarantees

Blog by Doug Deane 100% Money Back Guarantees Many VAR’s in the ERP (accounting) software and CRM (customer relationship management) space are offering 100% money back guarantees.  In addition, there are some consultants and organizations who purport to assist end-users in purchasing ERP and CRM software who recommend that an…

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