BRAND NEW Sage 100 Enhancements Now Available From DSD Development

New Enhancements Available

As we head into mid-February, DSD is pleased to be releasing seven new enhancements to help you and your business' operations run even smoother.

Read on to learn more about each new enhancement!


Auto-Generate Check Payment (APGC)

From the vendor maintenance invoice tab you can now generate check payment entries for single or multiple invoices with this enhancement installed.

Auto-Generate Cash Receipts (ARGR)

From the customer maintenance invoice tab you can now generate cash receipt entries for single or multiple invoices with this enhancement installed.

Cash Receipts History Inquiry (ARCH)

This enhancement adds a new inquiry screen to display deposit information with associated checks, credit cards, and paid invoices.

Bank Reconciliation Transaction History (BRTH)

This enhancement adds a new inquiry screen for bank reconciliation transactions, such as checks, adjustments and deposits to be stored in a history file after the purge process.

Additional features include restoring entries and running a bank reconciliation history report.  

Payroll Check History (PRCH)

This enhancement adds a new check history inquiry that displays header and line details for each employee check.

Payroll InstaDocs (PRDM)

Allows electronic documents to be stored, viewed and accessed within employee maintenance. P/R Checks can be automatically stored in PDF format within the appropriate Employee directory.

With InstaDocs, all employee documents are at your fingertips! 

Payroll Criterion Link (PRCR)

Employee demographic and address information will be updated from Criterion into Sage 100.

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