DSD Electronic Reporting

DSD Electronic Reporting

Electronic Reporting is a powerful tool that can help businesses automate their tax reporting processes and comply with local and federal regulations.

DSD Electronic Reporting
P/R Washington State Unemployment Report (PR-1006)

Adds the Washington State Unemployment Report to the Payroll Reports Menu. The report can be run in a ‘Fixed Hours’ or ‘Selected Hours’ version.

P/R Deduction Calculation Based on Earnings Type (PR-1015)

Provides the ability for deduction codes with a calculation method of ‘Percent of Gross’ or ‘Total Hours Worked’ to calculate based on a specified list of earnings types or user defined earnings types. 

P/R Location Processing (PR-1019)

Adds the ability to assign a 2-character ‘Location’ code to an employee. Reports can be run and summarized by location code. Wage, tax expense, tax liabilities and deductions can be posted to different General Ledger account numbers based on this location code. 

P/R Cash Account Posting by Department (PR-1021)

This enhancement to the standard Sage 100 Payroll module allows the substitution of the Department Worked or Home Department into the G/L Cash Account number.

P/R Employer Contributions by Department and Voucher (PR-1028)

Allows the expense portion of Employer Contributions to be posted by department to a specific GL Account Number.  Allows the user to substitute a segment into the Employer Contribution Deduction Code’s general ledger account number by department.

P/R Check Printing With Earnings Detail (PR-1029)

Expands on the printed earnings detail on an employee’s check or direct deposit stub to reflect multiple lines per earnings code based on either the department worked or the pay rate.

P/R Employer Taxes (Actual) Posted to Job Cost (PR-1030)

Allows the Employer portion of Payroll taxes (including FICA, Unemployment, Medicare and Workman’s Compensation) to be posted to the Job Cost module.

P/R Data Entry Import Utility (PR-1031)

Adds a utility designed to import data into the Data Entry cycle of Sage 100 Payroll from a variety of ASCII file formats.

P/R MICR Laser Printed Checks for Payroll (PR-1034)

Allows you to print checks (including manual checks) on your laser printer with the micro-encoding required by your bank.

P/R Prevailing Wage Rate by Labor Code (PR-1042)

Adds the ability to set up and maintain Prevailing Wage Rates for specific Labor Codes and Job Numbers. The new Wage Rates will be used during TimeCard and Payroll Data Entry.

P/R Employee/Department Allocation (PR-1051)

Adds the ability to allocate an employee’s earnings over different departments. The allocation may be by employee, department or both.

P/R Deduction Calculation for Pension Plans (PR-1055)

Allows deduction calculation method ‘P’ (Percent of Gross) to be calculated as Federal gross taxable wages minus Cafeteria, Pension or Both types of deductions, times the percentage specified on the Deduction Code Maintenance screen.

 P/R Tax Accrual Posting by Department (PR-1059)

This enhancement to the standard Sage 100 Payroll module allows Tax Accrual account postings to be made by the employee’s ‘home’ department.

P/R Employee User Defined Fields (PR-1062)

Adds up to 30 new User Definable Fields (UDFs) that can be entered and displayed in Payroll Employee Maintenance Address and Constant Data screen. The UDFs can also be printed on the Quarterly Government Report, W-2 Form and the Payroll Check Form.

P/R Tax and Deduction Liability Check Generation (PR-1064)

Payroll Update enhanced to automatically creates Accounts Payable invoices in the amount of Payroll Employer Tax checks and ‘Other’ Deductions.

P/R Additional Check Printing Sort Options (PR-1068)

Adds the ability to print non-graphical Payroll checks and direct deposit stubs in Employee Sort Field or Department/Employee Name order.

P/R Multiple Concurrent Local Taxes (PR-1090)

Allows tracking of concurrent multiple local income taxes for a given employee. 

P/R Enhanced Periodic Benefit Accrual Register (PR-1092)

The Periodic Accrual Utility has been enhanced for additional selection options.

P/R Union Payroll (PR-1098)

Allows information about individual unions to be set up and maintained. Union benefit packages may also be set up and maintained unique to a Labor Code. Wages and union benefits associated with Union Payroll are automatically processed during Payroll Data Entry. Multiple new reports have been added to support union reporting requirements; these reports are produced from the Perpetual Check History file.

P/R Enhanced Workers Comp (PR-1100)

This enhancement to the Payroll module adds a ‘Check’ limit to Workers’ Compensation Processing and an override Workers’ Compensation State to an employee’s state

P/R Accrual Yearly Limit Set by Months of Employment (PR-1102)

Adds the ability to specify the yearly accrual limit based on the number of months of employment.

P/R Deduction Taxability by Local Code (PR-1105)

Adds a new option from Deduction Maintenance Taxes screen for ‘Local Code,’ to allow for the reduction of taxable income by the amount of the deduction by individual locality.

P/R Date Worked by Earnings Line (PR-1106)

Adds a Date Worked field or Start and End Date fields to Payroll Line Entry for Earnings Codes that belong to any Pay Type specified in Setup.

P/R Half Time Due (PR-1108)

Adds a Half Time Due earnings line to Payroll Data Entry. There are no hours associated with Half Time Due, only an amount. An employee is eligible for Half Time Due when, on a single check, they are being paid Regular Hours, Overtime Hours and a Bonus.

P/R Enhanced Direct Deposit Stubs (PR-1113)

Allows printing of Direct Deposit stubs for employees who are not Direct Deposit enabled. Additional option for multiple-column Tax/Ded printing, and a new ‘Earnings Code YTD Hours’ form field to Direct Deposit Stub Printing.

P/R Weighted Average Calculation for Overtime Hours (PR-1117)

Calculates Overtime during Payroll Entry based on a weighted average of an Employee’s total earnings per pay entry which is then applied to those hours that are in excess of their Pay Cycle or based on employee’s actual overtime hours.

P/R Multi-Company Combined Direct Deposit File (PR-1118)

Adds a Combined Direct Deposit File Generation utility to the Direct Deposit menu. Sage Software’s Direct Deposit Interface must be installed and enabled for this Extended Solution to function.

P/R Certified Payroll Report (PR-1121)

Creates a Certified Payroll Report that does not require the TimeCard module and optionally does not require the Job Cost module in order to print. The Certified Payroll Report provides a report suitable for submission to governmental agencies. This report uses data from the Payroll module to produce a weekly report with a daily breakdown of hours, pay and deductions for a job and an optional Statement of Compliance.

 P/R Tax Exempt Foreign Employees (PR-1122)

Allows “Foreign Employees” to be exempt from some federal taxes.

P/R Wage Expense by Labor Code: Segment Substitution (PR-1123)

Allows wage expense postings by Labor Code using segment substitution.

P/R Accrued Vacation Dollars (PR-1124)

Accrue vacation dollars for hourly employees on a weekly pay cycle.

P/R Update Last Check Date to Employee UDF (PR-1131)

Writes the date of the last Payroll check to a specified Custom Office Payroll Employee user defined field during Check Register update.

P/R Enhanced Payroll Check History (PR-1136)

Modifies the update to Payroll Check History to include data from three specified deduction codes which hold 401(k) information.

P/R Payable Sick Benefit (PR-1137)

Adds a fourth benefit called, Payable Sick. It is designed to be applied only to Full Time Employees who are incented to not use their Sick Hours by paying them for their Unused Sick at the end of the year.

P/R Pension Enrollment Verification (PR-1138)

Adds a utility and a report that verify pension enrollment eligibility.

P/R Restrict Benefit Earnings to Available Hours (PR-1139)

Modifies the warning which displays in Payroll Entry when the hours entered for a benefit exceed what is available.

P/R Employee Maintenance Benefit Accrual Security (PR-1140)

Will restrict which users have the ability to modify an Employee’s Benefit hours via a new Payroll Security Event.

P/R Employee Termination Utility (PR-1141)

Adds an Employee Termination Utility to the Payroll module. Time Card and Custom Office must be active for this Extended Solution to function.

P/R Reimbursement Earnings Type (PR-1142)

Adds the ability to set up Reimbursement type Earnings Codes in Earnings Code Maintenance.

M/R Quarterly Electronic Reporting (MR--) - Per State

Generate Electronic Reporting compliant with the Electronic Reporting Information as requested by the relevant state. Each state allows for certain data, such as employee name, Social Security Number, etc.  

It also provides the ability to generate an Electronic Reporting summary report that, after the creation of the Electronic Reporting file, reports the information needed to complete any Electronic Reporting Transmittal form that must be submitted with the Electronic Reporting.  Available for the following states:

Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin, West Virginia.

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