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An Introduction to Acumatica ERP Software

Acumatica is a cloud and browser-based ERP software that has been designed for improving the management capabilities of small and/or medium-sized businesses. These ERP applications are web-based and developed on Acumatica’s internal platform. The software for the server is deployable onsite and may be run on a cloud-computing platform. Moreover,…

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Is Inefficiency Killing Your Company?

An IDC study suggested companies lose 20 to 30% of their revenue thanks to inefficiencies within their company every single year. Are you part of that statistic? Imagine being able to regain even a fraction of that lost revenue simply by increasing your company’s efficiency. It’s a tantalizing dream, but…

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Why is Inventory Management Important?

Why is inventory management in business important? Inventory management can make or break a business. Inventory is often the largest item in the current assets category on a balance sheet. Issues with inventory can contribute to business losses, even failures. Proper management of the supply chain, on the other hand,…

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