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Acumatica is a cloud ERP application for mid-range businesses customized with your business and clients in mind. Whether installed on your server or in the cloud, Acumatica provides the same rich feature set. 

With the integration of FusionRMS into Acumatica, the true cloud solution, retailers enjoy the best of both worlds i.e. uninterrupted local operations manageable from the anywhere back office – the first truly hybrid cloud environment.

FusionPOS™ is a full-feature point-of-sale solution that lets you optimize Acumatica cloud ERP and accounting for centralized management in highly distributed retail environments.

  • Saves you time – All of your items, customers, and pricing data in Acumatica are automatically shared with FusionPOS™.

  • No more worrying about spotty connection – FusionPOS™ operates your business, even without an internet connection, as usual, and updates everything when the connection returns.

  • Gives you all the CRM data you want – FusionPOS™ maintains individual customer histories, so Acumatica doesn’t have to. That means you can collect and access all the buying pattern data you need for highly effective, focused marketing.

  • Keeps your inventory accurate – Unlike many POS systems, FusionPOS™ lets you post phantom derivatives of ERP items to be converted back to the stocking unit of measure.

FusionRMS lets you enhance your point of sale with powerful, industry-specific apps:

  • Easy, flexible pricing – Fusion Pricing lets you set bundled and specific prices

  • Extraordinary gift cards – FusionGC prepayment cards can be used and added to or from multiple locations. 

  • Ingenious scheduling – Fusion Scheduler lets you easily assign prices to any task or resource. 

Advanced adds on to FusionWMS – Core and integrated directly into Acumatica. Advanced is built for more intricate warehouse environments who need more features.  Usually reserved for independent Warehouse Management Applications.

  • Easy Installation – FusionWMS does not require any local software to be installed.

  • Real-Time Integration – Directly installed into Acumatica, FusionWMS integrates directly in real-time. 

  • Independent Pick Sequence – Allows for the designation of a bin pick sequence independent of the Bin ID.

  • Warehouse Zones – Bin segmentation into zones can be used to identify isles or sections of a warehouse for faster, more accurate picking/put-away. 

  • Bin Volume Constraints – FusionWMS allows the designation of a Max and Min by quantity or volume for each bin. This facilitates bin optimization as well as auto-restock of floor bins from bulk or storage bins.

  • Down Stock/Restock – FusionWMS can auto-generate restock instructions to move items from bulk/storage to floor/pick bins to ensure optimum picks.

  • UOM Barcodes – Adding a unique barcode for each unit of measure ensures accuracy when moving/selling case or pallet quantities. UOM barcodes may system generated or scanned from external case labels.

  • Multi-SO Wave Pick – FusionWMS allow the grouping of many shipments onto one or more wave picks. Item quantities are summed and presented in the bin pick sequence to ensure optimum throughput by minimizing travel. Picks may be segmented by zone and distributed either by paper or directly to the gun.

  • Pick Status – For multi-gun paperless warehouse environments, FusionWMS has added a Pick Status designation to Acumatica, so others know when an individual pick is Open, Assigned [to a gun], Partial [picked], or Complete.

  • License Plating – FusionWMS allows for the assignment of a License Plate or Pallet ID, which, when scanned, represents a collection of items. This is particularly helpful when assembling items for storage or future shipment. When used in conjunction with Pack Contents, it allows a user to ship the contents of a pallet by scanning one License Plate.

  • Pack Contents – FusionWMS delivers pack contents requirements necessary for shipments. It provides detailed packing lists for each package sent out and maps the carrier’s tracking number back to the individual pack.

  • EDI Integration – FusionWMS has out-of-the-box integration with select EDI providers. Contact us for details.

Acumatica Manufacturing delivers a powerful solution for multiple manufacturing environments; efficiently managing inventory, costs and processes. Fusion Shop Floor Data Collection (FusionSF) updates Acumatica Manufacturing in real-time and at various critical points throughout the manufacturing process:

  • Release Material
  • Labor Entry
  • Move to Inventory


Improved Shop Floor Accuracy

  • Only enter Data Once
  • Directs work flow
  • Seamless Acumatica integration
  • Works with most Android Handhelds or Tablets

Improved Shop Floor Visibility

  • Real-time production updates
  • Mobile (handheld) or stationary (tablet) interface to fit the task

Integrates with FusionWMS

  • Shop Floor is easily enhanced with relevant warehouse functionality like Item Look-up; Bin Look-up, Transfer, issue, etc., all managed directly from the handheld / Tablet device

Protected Offline

Don't sweat it if your connection is down, keep your business up and running. Fusion’s advanced architecture keeps your POS safe and running even when it is offline or allows it to run on a local network.

Multi-Platform POS

Using Fusion’s multi-outlet POS and management system, enhance your retail business. From one store to 25+ on iOS, Android and Windows.

Brand & Customer Management

Easily set up marketing and customer engagement campaigns, add Gift Cards, Loyalty program and more. Capture customer information and get real-time intelligence reports.

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