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Acumatica Cloud ERP: Manufacturing Edition

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition allows growing businesses to manage every aspect of manufacturing business in one place and boost efficiency with a comprehensive, mobile, ERP designed for their unique needs.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Why consider Acumatica Manufacturing Edition?

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition fully supports multiple manufacturing processes that integrates production planning and shop floors with customer management, sales orders, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting. As a result, Acumatica ERP Cloud software  provides real-time coordination of activities across an entire business. This means staying connected to production orders, schedules, and material plans anywhere, anytime on the road, in the office, or at home. 

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Key Benefits of
Acumatica Manufacturing Edition

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Streamline manufacturing processes for a competitive advantage and better customer experience.

Improved manufacturing processes reduce scrap, limit costly-change-overs, and improve labor efficiency, providing a distinct competitive advantage with lower pricing, higher profits, on-time shipments, and better product quality -- resulting in more satisfied repeat customers.

Enhance communications by automating customer communications, notifications, and document transmission utilizing sophisticated Business Events. Provide clients with a self-service portal so they can check inventory levels, examine order statuses, place new orders, and configure products online.

Cloud Platform

Grow and evolve with a scalable, secure, and future-proof cloud platform.

Utilize modern business technologies such as cloud computing, big data and analytics, additive manufacturing, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, and the Industrial Internet of Things for streamlined processes and meaningful insights into manufacturing operations now and in the future.

Utilize SOAP or REST APIs with enterprise-grade security to integrate additional business systems, like Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), CAD/PLM, Rental, Point of Sale, and others.

Best-in-Class Business & Industry Functionality

Comprehensive manufacturing ERP with deep functionality and breadth.

With a comprehensive range of integrated manufacturing business applications for production, estimating, engineering, material planning, scheduling, and product design for both discrete and batch process production, Acumatica Manufacturing Edition offers unmatched depth.

Unique breadth in a manufacturing product is achieved by out-of-the-box document management, customer relationship management (CRM), project accounting, commerce, expense management, payroll, and field service.

Best-in-class Integrations

Explore how Acumatica seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack and allows you the flexibility to continue to grow and adapt.

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Acumatica Product Tour

Do you want to see a demo now? In this 8 minute product tour, you can expect:

Bill of Materials Management: Acumatica supports multiple bills of materials and revisions, allowing for detailed specification of operations, material requirements, and scheduling.

Production Order Details: : Users can access detailed information about production orders, including quantities, dates, and related costs.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP): The MRP feature provides a comprehensive view of material planning, taking into account all supply and demand aspects. It also includes the ability to create purchase and manufacturing orders directly from the MRP screen.

Dashboard and Scheduling Tools: The Manufacturing Edition includes powerful dashboards for monitoring shop floor activities and a production schedule board for identifying bottlenecks.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition Product Tour

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