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Sage 300 is a comprehensive and adaptable company management system with a low total cost of ownership. 

Sage 300 provides great performance and dependability, allowing users to boost profits and achieve a competitive advantage in their industry.

Today, more than 25,000 companies worldwide trust Sage 300 to manage their business.

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Pilot your business across functions, offices, and geographies

Strong financial, operational, mobility, sales, and an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution are at the heart of Sage 300.

Sage 300 enables users to manage finances, operations, and inventories in different languages and currencies, whether their company has one or numerous sites in the same city or across international boundaries.

Users keep their business on track with real-time, mobile access and visibility throughout their whole organization.

International Business Management Made Easy

Sage allows users to set up and administer their company, whether it’s in one nation or a hundred, and in whatever currency required. View exchange rates and automatically calculate potential profits and losses due to fluctuation.

Automate and Process Transactions Faster

View any and all transactions to rapidly balance  financial accounts and handle payments using built-in calculations to eliminate mistakes and save time.

View Your Performance Across Your Organization

Strong financial, operational, mobility, sales, and an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) solution are at the heart of Sage 300.

Save Time by Streamlining Purchasing Processes

Produce purchase orders automatically using Inventory Control reorder information or Order Entry backorders, and aggregate products from several buy orders into a single transaction rapidly.

Assert control over inventory procedures while lowering carrying costs and meeting delivery deadlines. With Sage 300’s multi-location inventory tracking features, users can effortlessly manage inventory transactions, shipments, returns, and modifications.

Make smarter business decisions about what product to stock, price, discontinued goods, and trend research using conveniently available, real-time data to help decide what’s selling and what to promote.

Sage 300 provides real-time inventory data visibility, including receipts, shipping information, returns, items disposal, and accurate value. Users  can also get thorough, up-to-date inventory information on demand.

Sage Inventory Advisor* performs a health check on  inventory, generates quality predictions, lowers time spent on manual operations, and calculates the best investment to reach goal fill rates. It’s best for businesses with one or more warehouses and 1,000 or more SKUs.

Streamline Order and Shipping Processes

Organization’s staff will always be informed of inventory levels and customer account changes, such as alternative goods, thanks to Sage 300. 

They are able to automate the process and remove unnecessary data entry, as well as:

Sage 300 Modules

Made Easy​

With Sage 300 financials users have access to reliable financials that provide them a comprehensive picture of their specific financial condition, including receivables and payables, cash flow, companies, international boundaries, and currencies.

Manage Distribution Anywhere

Sage 300 Distribution allows users to integrate procedures between numerous warehouses and departments to delight customers, staff, and even vendors, allowing them to give more efficient and correct fulfillment to their consumers, timely payments, and increased profitability.

Coordination For Manufacturing

Sage 300 Manufacturing helps users establish clear and unambiguous inter-company transactions as well as more accurate project and job expenses to improve inventory and production coordination.

Add Efficiency to HR, Payroll, and Projects

Users can conduct their payroll in-house or outsource it with Sage 300 and still keep track of the transactions. Calculate employee benefits using a number of ways, and maintain projects on budget and on time.

Sage Data and Analytics

Sage Data & Analytics (SD&A) is a comprehensive Business Intelligence toolset for Sage 300 that provides meaningful financial and operational data to help businesses grow, save money, and gain a competitive edge.

When users combine SD&A with Sage 300, they get an out-of-the-box multi-stream BI and analytics solution that is rapidly and simply tailored to their company and requirements.

Visit the Sage Data & Analytics page on Sage Marketplace now to discover more about how SD&A can help you stand out from the crowd.

Accounts Payable Dashboard

Sage 300 Accounts Payable Dashboard

Now is the Time to Move to the Cloud

The power of Sage 300, now available in the industry-leading Microsoft Azure cloud

Moving to the cloud has never been more critical to a company’s existence and strength. Users can implement Sage 300 on practically any public or private cloud with the support of approved Sage partners. 

Users can use Microsoft Azure to deploy Sage 300 and benefit from the same flexibility and dependability that Fortune 500 firms rely on, including:

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