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Improve efficiency, simplify consolidations, and gain real-time visibility across multiple locations with the franchise accounting software rated #1 for customer satisfaction—Sage Intacct is fast, simple, and scalable.

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Franchise accounting software and financial management solutions

Manage the finances of each franchise or corporation, and make it simple for them to operate independently of one another. Users can simply roll up to a consolidated view while viewing financial performance for each franchise location with Sage Intacct franchise accounting software. Based on their roles and permissions, employees at each site are able to carry out particular financial procedures. This means that with franchise accounting software, everyone is on the same page thanks to simple integration and anytime, anywhere access to real-time information.

See your business information your way—in real-time

The franchise management software program Sage Intacct enables users to view both their individual franchises or locations as well as their complete organization. Financial and operational data are simple to assess and evaluate. View local and consolidated KPIs depending on the performance drivers that are important to a company, such as menu items, locations, vendors, and clients. Real-time visibility into current inflows, outflows, and income streams can also help with cash flow management and revenue projections.

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Sage Intacct

Efficiently manage complex financial structures

Virtually any type of business structure, including fractional ownership and other intricate operating frameworks, is supported by Sage Intacct’s franchise accounting software. While the franchisor has a view of everything, each location, franchise, or organization is free to employ its own chart of accounts, tax laws, and financial reporting requirements. Automate inter-entity consolidations and eliminations to perform real-time consolidations quickly and easily while saving time. For thorough information, drill down to entity source transactions, payables, and receivables.

Automate workflows and increase productivity with a cloud solution

Utilize the cloud’s potential with simple integration and access from anywhere at any time. Leading front-office and point-of-sale systems, franchise management, asset management, payroll, and payment applications may all be connected to Sage Intacct quickly and easily. Users can now drive their businesses forward with confidence knowing that Sage Intacct integrates effortlessly with almost any application, eliminating the need for redundant data entry. Giving your workers 24/7 access to the same cloud-based financial management solution will increase efficiency and collaboration.

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