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Sage AP Automation: Tools For Modern Accounts Payable Teams

Check out this Automation Tools for Modern Accounts Payable Teams On-Demand Webinar to learn more about AP Automation, a live demo, and more topics.

Sage Intacct: True Cloud Financials Product Tour for Sage 100 Customers

Grab a cup of coffee and learn how Sage Intacct helps you drive improved performance from multi-entity consolidation in minutes to powerful, yet easy-to-use dashboards, and more.

Remote Sage 100 Tips & Tricks Webinar


Given these days where we all commonly work from home, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of some features available in your Sage 100 system. We will be covering both native features in the product, and some that would require some additional purchase throughout this Sage 100 training.

Sage Intacct: True Cloud Financials Product Tour for Sage 300 Customers

Grab a cup of coffee and learn how Sage Intacct helps you drive improved performance from multi-entity consolidation in minutes to powerful, yet easy-to-use dashboards, and more.

Webinars on Demand

Time: 1 hr

Even as businesses work to persevere today, it is important not to lose sight of tomorrow.  For all the change and uncertainty, we have seen in global and local markets, automation is as important to resilience as it is to agility.  And yet, even as the cost of these technologies has decreased, it is still at the level of the enterprise that we see the highest levels of adoption.

Just as automation tools are essential to those businesses that are effectively navigating the current storm, they will be even more essential as businesses rebuild and work to increase their competitiveness in a post COVID-19 world.

In this presentation, experts representing 6 complementary approaches to automation will discuss how Sage customers are using technology to thrive amidst uncertainty.

Time: 1 hr

Watch this webcast recording to learn about Sage Operations Management (formerly Sage 100cloud Manufacturing)— a broad based manufacturing, repair, service and project management solution that ties your work to a sales order.  You’ll see how the solution is successfully being used beyond manufacturing organizations including by field service businesses, professional services companies and many others.

Leverage all of the existing data you have in Sage 100 to manage your operations.  From make-to-stock to managing inventory requirements to billing for services, Sage Operations Management can improve the data collection and efficiency of your operations. 

And, learn how when coupled with Scanco’s mobile solutions for production data and/or field service information, Sage Operations Management becomes the total solution for your business.

Time: 1 hr

As supply chain and customer requirements become more complex, it is more important than ever for suppliers to be able to deliver.  EDI is no exception.  Actually, it is the perfect example of what suppliers have to manage correctly in order to fulfill products efficiently and profitably.

With SPS Commerce Fulfillment, customers do not need to worry about how to manage EDI requirements and relate those to their business processes.  With over 1,500 employees and the world’s leading EDI network, Fulfillment’s full-service EDI solution provides proactive compliance to trading partner requirements, testing management, monitoring and reporting that is embedded directly within your Sage ERP solution.  

Watch this webcast recording to learn how Fulfillment allows you to focus on what you do best, managing and growing your business.

Time: 1 hr

The current business climate has resulted in many organizations experiencing or anticipating a significant increase in late payments. The situation may be even worse for organizations having to reduce staffing numbers while trying to manage extended payment terms.

Many organizations are not aware that they can automate their collection/AR processes, including handling multiple extended payment scenarios, which will significantly improve cash flow and manage complex payment terms.

Watch this webcast recording to learn how Credit Hound by Draycir, an advanced Collections Management software, integrates with your existing Sage solution.

Time: 1 hr

If there’s one thing that the current crisis has illuminated for most companies, it’s that the ability for your employees to work remotely HAS to be the new normal.  The modern workplace means every department – from accounts payable to human resources to legal – needs to be able to communicate, collaborate, and do their best work from anywhere, not just the office.  

Watch this webcast recording to learn how DocLink, the Sage Endorsed Solution from Altec, can help your organization digitally manage your documents and data, and automate processes in any situation.

Time: 1 hr

Self- service business intelligence (BI) solutions can facilitate decision making by providing users of any technical level access to real-time information in a clear and visual way. Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) is an intuitive business intelligence and data management application that is embedded within your Sage ERP system. SEI puts data into the hands of those who need it and helps shorten the time to decision. 

During this webinar recording you will learn how to:

  • Easily navigate a BI solution
  • Take advantage of out-of-the-box reports and dashboards
  • Create and customize new reports on your own
  • Securely share important information with other stakeholders

Time: 1 hr

Exemption certificate management is an often-overlooked part of doing business. Manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors have mainly tax-exempt customers, and during audits, exemption certificates are the primary focus.

Watch this webcast recording to:

  • Learn about sales tax and legislation that has impacted manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors 
  • Understand tax exemption certificates and their importance in the new sales tax landscape
  • Hear about practical challenges with exemption certificates specific to manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors
  • Get best practices for properly managing exemption certificates

Time: 1 hr

AP is one accounting process that has been slow to evolve out of the dark ages. AP teams still rely heavily on error-prone and time-intensive tasks such as data entry, check printing, and approval follow-up.

This leads to an average cost of $15 to process an invoice manually, and 20+ days to close it off.  AP automation tools help bring this cost down to $2.36 and 5 days to process an invoice.

Attend this webcast to learn:

  • How to reduce the cost of manual, inefficient tasks by more than 80%
  • Steps to mitigate AP risks such as errors and fraud
  • Solutions to accommodate your accounting team for remote work
  • Why you need one central system that provides 360° management of PO’s, invoices, expenses and payments

Time: 1 hr

View on-demand for an update on how the latest enhancements for Sage 100 will help you stay compliant while increasing productivity through cloud-connectivity.

In this webinar presentation, Sage 100 customers will:

  • Understand the latest features and updates for Sage 100 and Sage 100cloud, including:
    • Sage Production Management
    • Inventory Requirements Planning
    • Shop Floor
  • Hear how Sage is supporting compliance with upcoming changes to EEO-1, W4 forms, and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).
  • Learn about the features and enhancements we have planned for Sage 100 in the coming year

Time: 1 hr

Managing supply chain disruptions is crucial for distributors and manufacturers to begin with, and the COVID-19 crisis is the most recent and extreme example of that. There are key best practices that can help you manage the fallout from major and minor disruptions. 

Sage shows customers what to focus on in the short term, mid-term, and long term with their supply chain to stay ahead, even when times are tough. 

2020 sales tax changes

Time: 1.5 hrs

Scott Peterson, Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations for Avalara covers:

  • The current state of US sales and use tax
  • Which states have enacted economic nexus, and what’s expected to change in 2020
  • New requirements for marketplace sellers (Amazon, Etsy, etc.)
  • A look at cross-border ecommerce and what international sellers must know about sales tax
  • Answers to your own questions
strike a balance between too much and not enough

Time: 50 min

Learn how Sage Inventory Advisor can help: 

  • Place Orders Quicker—Save time on planning, forecasting, and ordering
  • Minimize Stock-Outs—Retain your customers and increase your sales
  • Reduce Excess Stock—Release cash that is tied up in excess inventory
the new era of customer fulfillment

Time: 40 min

Learn how MAPADOC EDI can help:

  • Reduce the number of time organizations spend allocated to EDI ownership.  We are your EDI department.
  • Minimize or virtually eliminate manual processes reducing data entry errors and lowering administrative costs
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Provide the ability to scale to meet demands
3 ways to go touchless in AP and beyond

Time: 1 hr

Learn how to enhance your Sage deployment by going paperless and touchless in any department with the Sage endorsed solution DocLink from Altec.  In this webcast you’ll learn how you can :

  • Eliminate paper-based document processes
  • Capture, process, retrieve & deliver documents automatically
  • Streamline processes in AP, HR, Sales Order Processing & more
become a data-driven organization with sage alerts & workflow

Time: 1 hr

In this session you’ll discover:

  • What is Operational Business Intelligence and how it differs from traditional BI
  • Real-life uses (and corresponding benefits) of an OBI solution
  • The components, capabilities, and costs of an OBI system
sage 100 2020

Time: 1 hr

Learn about what’s new in Sage 100 version 2020.0 and what’s to come in the future as well as how Sage is investing in the future.

Demos & How-to

Sage Intacct Dimensions and Reporting

Sage 100 vs Sage Intacct Comparison: Dimensions and Reporting Demo

Sage Intacct dimensions offer an entirely new way to track and report on financial and operational data while simplifying your chart of accounts. Watch this demo and comparison of Sage 100 and Sage Intacct to see how upgrading can make a huge difference for your organization.

Sage 100 vs Sage Intacct True Cloud Financials Product Tour

Sage 100 VS Sage Intacct: True Cloud Financials Product Tour

In this 25-minute presentation we’ll show you the powerful accounting, dimensional reporting and dashboards that earned Sage Intacct the distinction of being the first and only preferred provider of Accounting applications by the AICPA and its subsidiary

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Sage Sales Tax by
Avalara Overview

Sage Alerts and Workflow 2020 Overview & Product Demo

Introducing Sage Production Management

Sage Accounts Payable Automation Product Tour

Invoice Payments with
Sage Pay

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Consolidate companies with different financial years

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