The New Look and Feel of Sage

Sage rebrand

If you haven’t noticed already, Sage and Sage Intacct look a little different. Sage is updating their branding along with their purpose to align with today’s evolving business world. These changes go beyond just the look of Sage, they’re also working to improve the overall experience and provide more resources to customers. 

Why the Change?

Sage New Look

Small and medium-sized businesses are always facing complexities in today’s ever-changing world. It’s now more important than ever to have simplified business processes and a greater sense of control within your organization. Sage is refreshing their look to better reflect the changing needs of customers and its focus to help business flow.

“It’s tough being in business right now. Our refreshed brand is about how we show up for customers globally - removing complexity, delivering insights, and building human connections for them, for our colleagues, and within society. We’ve been a trusted brand for SMBs since Sage was a start-up 40 years ago, but the way we support them has changed and the refresh will enable us to reflect that consistently across all our markets.”
Cath Keers
Chief Marketing Officer, Sage

Sage’s new branding highlights the company’s new mission: to break down barriers so that everyone can succeed. This begins with its clients and a dedication to instill SMB trust through simplicity and intelligence, as well as a human touch to aid business flow.

What Else is New?

Sage Membership:

With the launch of Member Masterclass this May, every Sage customer will have automatic access to the benefits of Sage Membership. Member Masterclass, created exclusively for Sage customers and partners and available for a limited time to everyone, provides personal insights through presentations and writings from the world’s greatest experts and trailblazers on the challenges that are most essential for businesses today. Season 1 will focus on the talent competition, which is one of the most pressing issues facing small businesses around the world.

New digital network services:

Sage is doubling down on its commitment to simplifying business with several new digital offerings, including giving SMBs direct access to crucial accounting and bookkeeping tools via their bank app or online browser. In May, Sage Accounting and Compliance as a Service (ACaaS) will make its debut in the United Kingdom.

New partnerships:

Sage will continue to engage in communities and offer unique customer experiences that fulfill its mission of providing clients with business simplicity and faster, more accurate decision making. Sage, in collaboration with Parthéna Consultants, will deliver software to France 2023 as an Official Supporter of the Rugby World Cup 2023. In the coming months, further collaborations will be announced.

The New Sage Look

A new brand architecture, visual and verbal identity, and product portfolio migration strategy are all part of the refresh. Sage customers are now able to see the new brand online and in products, with the entire rollout planned to last through the end of the year. Starting this month, out-of-home and broadcast advertising will be available.

“The refreshed Sage brand reflects the simplicity, flow, and confidence that Sage can give to customers through greater control and better insights so they’re ready to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing world. It is based on real insights about our customers, our colleagues and partners, and society. It is a symbol of what we stand for, the successes that have brought us here, and a promise for the experiences we will deliver in the future as we build the trusted network for SMBs.”
Steve Hare
CEO, Sage

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