10 Benefits of Cloud-Based HR Software

Cloud-Based HR

Since the early 2000s, there has been a major trend away from “one-size-fits-all” HR software and toward specialized systems that can handle recruitment, training, assessment, and other HR-related functions. 

Cloud-based HR systems provide organizations with the computational power and flexibility they need to survive and prosper in the digital age. Read on to learn about 10 different benefits that a cloud-based HR system can bring to your organization and the value it can create.

1. Reduce Paperwork

The days of keeping personnel information in huge filing cabinets are long gone. All files can now be safely saved in the cloud and retrieved immediately using applications like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox, thanks to cloud-based HR software. 

An HR staffer can search and print a file from a cloud HR solution in seconds since data is stored digitally. An HR cloud software can save you time while bringing you organization.

HR Cloud Software

2. Predictive Analytics

HR Cloud Software

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR systems can aid with employee retention and advancement difficulties once they’ve been hired. By analyzing data from throughout the organization, AI can anticipate which employees are likely to become dissatisfied and take proactive steps to remedy the problem. It might reveal a drop in performance due to a lack of training, a problem with the workplace environment, or other factors.

These HR solutions will identify and address staff concerns before they result in a resignation or a loss of productivity. Despite the fact that this is still a new technology, experts explain why it’s so exciting and why they believe it will be critical to HR’s strategic role in keeping firms competitive.

3. Real-Time, Accurate Performance Assessments

The evaluation of employee performance is one of the most important duties of Human Resources. Previously, assessments required a lot of paperwork and a lot of time to collect data.

Employee performance is automatically tracked in real-time with cloud HR software. Machine learning, built-in dashboards, and reports are used to analyze data. In only a few hours, cloud HR solutions can assist the HR staff implement new processes or give extra training.

HR Cloud Software

4. Increased Employee Engagement

HR Cloud Software

To keep employees engaged, cloud HR solutions use big data and mobile technologies. For example, HR can send a pulse survey to workers in minutes using a platform like Criterion to get input on how the firm might better serve them. Cloud HR solutions may also be used to keep track of employee hours and handle payments.

5. New Approach to Security

Prior to cloud-based HR, security meant utilizing strong padlocks and archival fireproofing. Companies must rethink how to keep sensitive information safe now that personnel data are housed online. Because of the GDPR regulation in Europe, data security is especially important for multinational enterprises. The good news is that most cloud HR software providers prioritize security. 

HR Cloud Software

They conveniently have all of the most up-to-date safeguards in place to protect your company’s critical data. As a result, even as rules change, it is their responsibility to maintain security, not yours.

6. Cheaper HR Solutions

HR Cloud Software

Compared to proprietary HR management software, cloud-based HR systems provide greater value for less money up front. Cloud solutions generate instant benefits, such as improved data and time savings, once they are implemented. This implies your business has more resources to invest in improving goods or focusing on employee happiness.

7. Constant Access to Pay and Benefit Info

Employees may access essential information about their salary and benefits from anywhere using cloud HR software. They can readily see how much of their pay goes to taxes, 401(k) contributions, and other expenses.

Employees used to obtain HR information via phone systems using older HR systems.

HR Cloud Benefits

These systems may not be available at all times, need additional storage, or lack the bandwidth of cloud HR services. Cloud HR systems provide you access to your data at all times. Employees may also alter their salary and benefit settings more easily using cloud HR solutions. 

8. Fast Deployment

HR Cloud Software

It’s simple to set up and maintain HR software as a service. It’s also more user-friendly than standalone or legacy HR systems, according to end-user input in evaluations. 

You don’t have to worry about security updates or maintenance with HR software as a service because these responsibilities are handled by the SaaS provider.

9. Easy Access to Innovation

What happens if your HR management software becomes obsolete? The total cost of ownership can rapidly rise due to upgrades, deployment, and training. Startups and large companies now have equal access to cloud HR solutions because of cloud computing. The cloud makes it simple to update software. This means that businesses will no longer need to invest in software or technology on a regular basis.

Hr Cloud Benefits

10. Bringing HR Up to Speed as a Strategic Department

HR Cloud Software

The potential to bridge the gap between the HR staff and the rest of the business is perhaps the most important benefit of cloud-based HR technologies. The HR function must be in the forefront – leading the way — with the mission to boost employee engagement and build winning workplace cultures.

This is now possible because of cloud computing. Data is more consolidated and accessible, reporting is immediate, and trend and information analysis are easier and faster. HR can lead the way in making better decisions to improve recruitment, retention, and performance of employees.

Are you ready for a Cloud-based HR software?

If you’re ready to bring your human resources to the cloud, then Criterion might be the perfect solution for you! Criterion can bring a variety of benefits to you and create an employee management system reflecting your corporate structure and growth objectives.

Learn more about what Criterion brings to the table and how it can help your organization.

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