Sage 100 General Ledger Enhancements

General Ledger
Account Copy by Company (GLAC)

Allows new General Ledger accounts to be copied to other companies when accounts are added or changed in G/L Account Maintenance.

General Ledger
Detail Transaction Register by Company (GLCD)

Gives the General Ledger user the ability to print and update the Daily Transaction Register for multiple companies at once.

General Ledger
Multi-Company Financial Consolidation (GLCN)

This enhancement has been created for firms that run more than one company on their Sage 100 system, and who require combined and separate financial reporting, this enhancement will automate that process using the standard or custom financials.

General Ledger
Posted Detail Editor (Transaction Editor) (GLDE)

This is a “real time” enhancement that allows the G/L user to edit posted General Ledger transactions. The Account Number, Posted Date, Posting Remark and Posting Amount can be changed for any transaction.

General Ledger
Multi-Currency (GLMC)

Multiple Currency transactions in Data Entry, Reports, financial statements, and consolidations.

General Ledger
Multi-Company Reports (GLMR)

Adds the ability to print the G/L Detail Report, G/L Trial Balance and G/L Financial Reports for multiple companies, using the same sort and selection criteria.

General Ledger
Multi-Company (GLMU)

Allows a managing company to process G/L transactions for an unlimited number of “subsidiary” companies.

General Ledger
Expanded Bank Codes (GLXB)

Standard Sage 100 only allows upper-case bank codes, which means that you only have 36 bank codes available (A-Z, 0-9). This enhancement changes the Bank Code length to 3 characters, except for Payroll. Payroll will only support the original one character code (A-Z, 0-9). Note: Lower-case Bank Codes will no longer be supported.

General Ledger
Security by G/L
Sub Account (GL-1032)

Adds the ability to control access to certain G/L Accounts by allowing you to list which Roles are associated with each General Ledger Sub Account.

General Ledger
Detail Report (GL-1042)

Adds the ability to print the General Ledger Detail Report for multiple companies using the same sort method.

General Ledger
Billion Dollar Support (GL-1043)

Increases the masks for dollar amounts to 11 places to the left of the decimal point in several data entry screens and data files.

General Ledger Secondary Company Posting of General Ledger Detail (GL-1046)

Adds the ability to specify a Secondary Company Code for G/L Detail Posting.

General Ledger
Allocation Schedule (GL-1048)

Allows you to set up and maintain Allocation Schedules.

General Ledger
Daily Amortization Utility for Service Contracts (GL-1060)

Provides an amortization utility which uses a daily rate for the purpose of recognizing revenue on service contracts (Sales Order Invoices).

General Ledger
Bank Reconciliation Integration with General Journal (GL-1061)

Allows you to associate Bank Codes with specific General Ledger Account Numbers by Source Journal.

Sage 100 Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

Bank Reconciliation
Multi-Currency (BRMC)

Maintain Bank Account Balances in foreign currencies. Checks, Deposits and Adjustments from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger are posted in the Bank’s Currency.

Bank Reconciliation
Multi-Company (BR-1002)

Modifies reconciliation to consolidate like records across multiple company codes into a single entry in the company code in which the Extended Solution is enabled.

Checks will always be consolidated.

Bank Reconciliation
Security Bank Code (BR-1003)

Allows you to set up security by User Code for up to ten specified Bank Codes.

Sage 100 Cash Management Enhancements

Cash Management and Forecasting (CMAF)

Ideal for Cash Flow analysis, modeling and reporting.  Complete payment performance reviews for all customers and vendors, while also developing more precise cash predictions based on actual payment history, rather than payment terms.

Build cash flow models that may be “exploded” to create projected cash flow analyses on demand

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