Acumatica Lunch and learn

Legacy ERP vs Acumatica:
A Software Solution Showcase

Do you feel that? Your legacy ERP is holding you back.

Your ERP system is the heart of your operations but if the system is not supporting the needs of the business, has become too expensive to maintain, limits your flexibility, or inhibits customer service, a replacement is the only answer.

Evaluating your next ERP system is a major business decision and requires a significant commitment of time and resources to find the product that meets your needs now and in the near future. 

Settling for your current legacy ERP system is not enough in today’s business landscape, and your competition already knows this. If you are looking to replace your ERP system software, the time to evaluate a replacement is now.

Legacy ERP vs Acumatica: A Software Solution Showcase Agenda

In this 1 hour webinar, DSD experts will walk you through the top features of a modern business management solution, how these features work in Acumatica, and an overview of the features in action. You won’t want to miss out. 

DSD Company Overview

Acumatica Overview

Acumatica Data Visualizations

Acumatica Productivity Tools

Acumatica Matrix Items

Acumatica Capacity Planning​

There will also be a Q&A Portion to Have Any Questions you May Have Answered

Order lunch and enjoy a brief company overview, demo, and live Q&A! The future of your business depends on it.

Once registered, we will send you a $35 Grub Hub voucher to enjoy a nice lunch while we demonstrate how Acumatica is the cloud ERP solution for your business.

Does Your Legacy ERP Solution Do This?


Acuamtica is always available on the device of your choice, enabling continuity of operations throughout the entire organization.


Manage orders, inventory, picking-packing-shipping, returns, customer support, and accounting from one dashboard.

Customers and office connected

Acumatica is integrated to grow with your company, offering unique customer experiences and valuable insights.

Features of Acumatica Cloud ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP is a fully integrated ERP software that solves all your needs without any add-ons unlike other legacy ERP systems. What makes Acumatica cloud ERP stand out from the competition is how it scales with your business. Acumatica offers industry specific ERP solutions tailored to your company, built for your industry. Streamline operations and improve performance by utilizing these key features of Acumatica ERP software below. 




Business Intelligence

Customizable Dashboards



Open Platform

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