Acumatica Summit 2024: Agenda, Early Bird Pricing, and More!

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Acumatica Summit 2024 will take place starting Sunday, January 28 through Wednesday January 31 with three full days of expanded opportunities to network, to connect, to learn, to train, to celebrate and to discover. With time running out before the early bird price increase on December 1st, we want to give you a comprehensive overview of the agenda to help you see the value in attending whatever portion of the event makes the most sense for you. 

This year’s event has a lot to offer in both the Summit portion as well as the training courses with awesome social activities like a morning run through the city, morning yoga, parties, and more sprinkled throughout the week. 

Early Bird Pricing Ends December 1st!

Early Bird Pricing ends December 1st at 11:59 PM PST. Take advantage while you can and experience everything Acumatica Summit 2024 has to offer for a cheaper price!

Early Bird Pricing:


Pricing After Dec. 1, 2023:


Acumatica Summit 2024 Agenda

Sunday, January 28th

Begin your Summit experience with an amazing selection of food and cocktails, while taking advantage of the opportunity to network with your peers in the two Acumatica Marketplaces.

Monday, January 29th

Kick-start the Summit on Monday morning with a Yoga session.

Join Acumatica leaders and customers for this Summit 2024 opening presentation that includes a strategic overview of Acumatica and the tech industry from CEO John Case. This highly anticipated session will also feature Acumatica customers sharing how they are transforming their operations with technology as well as the latest news, highlights, and future direction of the company.
  • Interactive Customer Panel: Learnings from the Customer Circle of Success (Panel 1)
  • Multiple Mode Manufacturing: Supported by Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
  • How the Acumatica xRP Platform Future Proofs Your Business and Keeps It Competitive
  • Project Budgeting: How Smart Budgeting Processes Can Lead to Project Success
  • Retail Synchronization Challenges: Troubleshooting Common Issues*
  • CRM: Simple Steps for Filling the Sales Pipeline and Improving Closing Ratios
  • Field Services: Service Order and Appointment Billing Best Practices*
  • Finance: Innovations in Expense Management
  • Freight Shipment: How Pacejet and Acumatica Can Help Businesses Achieve Logistical Nirvana
  • Mobile Framework: Optimize the Acumatica Mobile App Experience*
  • Point-of-Sale Solutions: Best Practices for Integrating with Acumatica
  • Construction Demopalooza: A Partner/ISV Showcase
  • Data Synchronization: Optimizing Acumatica Sync Performance for High Volume Retailers*
  • Digital Agencies: Best Practices for Collaboration Between VARs and Digital Agencies
  • Low-Code/No-Code: Create Custom Workflows Without Coding
  • Manufacturing ISV Applications: Getting Even More out of Acumatica Manufacturing Edition
  • Order Fulfillment: Strategies to Mitigate Stock Shortages*
  • REST APIs and Visual Studio: Best Practices for Integrating with Acumatica*
  • Application Integration: Extend Acumatica with iPaaS and Custom Connections
  • Business Data: Bring your Data to Life with Personalized Inquiries, Pivot Tables and Dashboards*
  • Generic Inquiries: Avoiding Typical Pitfalls*
  • Manufacturing Operations: How to Boost Traceability with Lot and Serial Tracking*
  • Project-Specific Inventory: Mitigate Risk and Increase Profitability*
  • Supply Chain Management: Supply Chain 4.0 – The Distribution Revolution

Tuesday, January 30th

Join Acumatica product and engineering leaders as they share the latest features, advancements, and product capabilities as well as new innovations on the horizon. Industry-specific product demonstrations and customer scenarios take center stage in this in-depth session.

  • Harness Business Data: Go from Data Zero to Data Hero
  • Low-Code/No-Code: Avoid Technology Debt and Transform Customizations to Low-Code/No-Code Solutions*
  • Manufacturing Edition: Applying the “5 W’s” of Journalism to Manufacturing Operations
  • Migrating Project-related Data into Acumatica: Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks
  • Notifications: Automate Processes Using Business Events*
  • Retail Inventory Management: Overcoming Issues and Creating Opportunities

This popular and well-attended Summit event features guest speakers who will share thoughts on workplace diversity and empowerment and strategies for networking and engagement.

  • D2C for Manufacturers: Success Stories and Best Practices for Selling Direct-to-Consumer
  • Dashboards and Reports: Achieve World-Class Manufacturing Operations with Acumatica
  • Data Security: Securing Your Business Information While Avoiding Common Missteps
  • Distribution Expert Panel: Ask Us Anything
  • Generic Inquiries: How to Optimize Generic Inquiry Performance*
  • Payroll: Managing Costs and Projects
  • Retail Tax Accounting: Accurately Account for Taxes from Amazon and Other Sales Channels*
  • Work in Progress (WIP) Process: Manage WIP and Make Better Decisions*
  • Compliance Management: Streamline Processes to Increase Productivity
  • CRM: Using CRM for Customer Service and Returns Management
  • eCommerce: Processing eCommerce Returns and Refunds*
  • Inventory Costing: Choosing the Right Method*
  • OData: Best Practices for OData Integrations that Minimize Impacts to Overall System Performance*
  • Production Dependencies: Improving the Visibility of Production Dependencies in Projects*
  • Sales Prices and Discounts: Maximize Sales, Revenue, and Profitability with Acumatica*
  • Acumatica Integrations: Leverage the Power of Integration Services with Custom Data Providers*
  • Acumatica Payments: Collecting Money and Building Customer Loyalty
  • Creating New Screens: Best Practices for Easy Maintenance*
  • Mobile Solutions for Field Service: Getting the Most out of Acumatica
  • Online Branding: What in the World is “Headless Commerce,” and How Can It Benefit Your Business?
  • Retail Dashboards: Creating Dashboards and Reports for Retail-Specific Data*
  • Time-Phased and Inventory Replenishment Planning
  • Warehouse Management: Acumatica WMS Showcase

This social event is to follow the Summit Women in Technology Luncheon, giving attendees time to connect and engage with their Women in Tech peers. Hosted by female leaders at Acumatica, this popular gathering helps participants develop networking skills in a fun and friendly environment—giving them the opportunity to form valuable professional bonds that will help propel their careers to further success.

Join us at the Celebration Party and Dinner for an evening of delicious food, refreshing drinks and engaging conversations. The talented DJ Kara will be on hand to keep the celebration lively throughout the evening.

Wednesday, January 31st

  • Acumatica Distribution Edition: Distribute More and Get More Wins
  • AI and Machine Learning: GL Anomaly Detection, AP Document Recognition, and Intelligent Predictive
  • Commerce Connectors: Mapping and Filtering Data*
  • Cost and Revenue Forecasting: Learn How Cost and Revenue Forecasting Can Maximize Profitability*
  • Customer Retention: Net Retention is SaaS Magic
  • Integrations: Best Practices for Using Custom API Endpoints*
  • Manufacturing Edition: Ask the Experts
  • Micro-Vertical Victory: Understanding How to Achieve and Sustain Success in Your Industry
  • No-Code Customizations: A Sneak Peek at Acumatica’s Modern UI*
  • Order Orchestration: A Deep-Dive Distribution Roundtable Discussion
  • Reporting: Best Practices for Creating and Modifying Financial Reports for Budgeting and Trending*
  • Acumatica Construction Edition: Constructing a Winner with Sales Lessons
  • Acumatica Technical Roadmap: Overview and Q&A
  • Customer Demopalooza: Construction Industry Customer Showcase
  • Interactive Customer Panel: Learnings from the Customer Circle of Success (Panel 2)
  • ISV Solutions: How ISVs Can Complete Customer Puzzles and Lead to Better Outcomes
  • Matrix Items: Entering the Matrix and Getting Started*
  • Outside Processing (OSP) Operations: Managing OSP Effectively in Manufacturing Operations*
  • Partner Marketing: Optimize Your Marketing with Acumatica’s Partner Marketing Enablement
  • Reporting: Building Reports for Scanning and Printing*
  • Sales Assets: Powering Your Sales Cycle with Acumatica Assets
  • Sales Order Kitting: A Deep-Dive Distribution Roundtable Discussion
  • The Future of Retail: Industry Trends and Predictions
  • Acumatica Manufacturing Edition: Manufacture More Dollars with Lessons from the Sales Trenches
  • Better, Faster, Cheaper: How Acumatica + Partners = Customer Support Success
  • Business Growth: Tips and Tricks for Optimizing Your Retail Business Operations
  • Business Intelligence: Harnessing Insights from Customer Success Data
  • Manufacturing Costing: Achieve Optimal Cost Control by Selecting the Right Method*
  • Manufacturing Trends: How Acumatica Helps Businesses Stay Ahead of the Curve
  • Platform: How AI is Enabling New Capabilities and Features
  • Project Billing: Best Practices for Navigating Complex Requirements
  • Project-based Taxes: Simplify the Complexity*
  • Retail Kits and Matrix Items: When and Why to Choose One Product Structure Over Another*
  • Sales Tax: Acumatica Sales Tax Configurations Demystified*
  • Warehouse Management Roundtable: Share Feedback on WMS Pick, Pack, and Ship

The Summit will conclude with a live music performance, accompanied by cocktails and food, providing attendees with the opportunity for some last-minute peer networking.

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