Unlock the Potential of Your Acumatica Data in Excel with Velixo

Unlock the Potential of Your Acumatica Data in Excel with Velixo

Your finance team loves Excel even though you may be offering other solutions.  Instead of trying to convince your team to move away from what they know, you can bring them more functionality and power to Acumatica AND Excel.  Read on to learn why Excel is the default method and how you can drastically improve your current tools with Velixo Reports.

Where Excel May Come Up Short

For CFOs and controllers, the “Export to Excel” button is the preferred option. With this, your finance team has the ability to independently address questions, without the need for your phone number on speed dial. Furthermore, they can generate polished reports using all the familiar functions they know and love in Excel.

Excel is a powerful tool, but it does have its limitations (When on its own). One big disadvantage is the high risk of error when creating complex reports that require extensive clicking and copy-pasting. For example, if you’re generating an income statement for fifty branches that needs to be grouped and manipulated in various ways, there’s a high likelihood of error. 

The subsequent challenge pertains to distribution. Typically, accounting teams create reports that are shared with others. However, not only is sharing a static file problematic, but the distribution process itself is also time-consuming. As the file becomes increasingly outdated by the second, the issue becomes even more apparent.

Why Use Excel with Velixo

It’s no secret that Excel is an indispensable tool for finance teams. That’s why we’re excited to recommend Velixo Reports, an Excel add-in that offers more than 50 functions specifically designed to work with general ledger, project data, and generic inquiries. Here are a few reasons why you should consider this add-in for your finance team:

No Need for Exporting

Velixo Smart refresh

With Velixo, you can easily access Acumatica ERP data directly from your spreadsheet, eliminating the need for manual exporting or copying and pasting. What’s more, the information will always be current and can be updated with just one click! Utilize proprietary data extraction and caching technlogy called Smart Refresh, which is at the heart of Velixo. The OData protocol is used to load the data and our own implementation of the protocol is used for maximum efficiency. 

Powerful GL Functions

Velixo’s functions allow for a more streamlined and effortless way to examine your ERP data due to their native Excel characteristics. These functions are the most powerful and versatile option for financial reporting, supporting custom account ranges, account classes, different ledger and financial dimensions. Trust us, they will save you a significant amount of time, and even the creation of the most complex reports will feel like a breeze!

Velixo Reports with Acumatica

Efficiently Audit Accounting Data with Velixo's Smart Drilldown Feature

Is your accounting team reviewing spreadsheet figures and performing audits? With Velixo’s smart drilldown feature, they can gain detailed insight into the referenced data with ease. You can even drill down to the original document in Acumatica ERP and review any notes, activities, or files attached to it. Plus, with Velixo, Excel becomes a user-friendly presentation layer for your data, while your ERP database remains the single source of truth.

Tailor Velixo to Your Business Needs

Velixo grants you the ability to customize your templates and design your own reports to suit your business’s particular requirements. Excel’s formatting capabilities are unparalleled, allowing you to create even the most complicated reports. You can create pixel-perfect statements with custom fonts, grouped rows, supporting notes, blank lines, floating graphs, linked sheets, or even custom buttons, to name a few options. With Velixo, you can rest easy knowing that there are no limitations on layout or formatting, and that your formatting will remain intact regardless of any data updates.

Velixo Reports Customization

Learn More About Velixo for your Team

Ready to transform your business and accelerate business outcomes? With Velixo, you can drastically improve your reporting and budgeting experience and keep real-time connectivity between your Excel workbooks and Acumatica. Presented by DSD, join us for this Velixo webinar, where we will give you a 360° view of Velixo and discuss the significant outcomes you can achieve.

Velixo Reports: Acumatica Reporting Integrated with Excel

Thursday, July 27th | 11 AM PT / 1 PM ET

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