Sage Intacct Sandbox Environment: Benefits, Testimonials, and More

Sage Intacct Sandbox Environment

Looking for a way to safely test and train employees without risking errors in your actual data? Sage Intacct Sandbox environment enables low risk business process improvement and transformation. This environment empowers organizations to be more strategic and validate changes without comprising their active Sage Intacct system, allowing more focus on the business.

What is a Sandbox Environment?

A Sage Intacct Sandbox environment is a replica of your production environment. It contains all of your transactional data, configurations, and customizations—refreshed four times a year without any additional setup.

This provides a safe, realistic environment for training and testing while giving your organization the flexibility to meet changing conditions and maintain its competitive advantage. The sandbox environment can accelerate growth and innovation by empowering your finance team to consider new business models, new ways to work, and understand the impact of each change.

Benefits of Sage Intacct Sandbox

Three of the biggest benefits that users experience with Sage Intacct Sandbox include  increased agility and rapid decision-making, improved ROI through risk reduction, and greater staff productivity and confidence.

Drive agility and rapid decision-making

When you’re implementing new procedures or integrations, a sandbox can be extremely helpful because it enables you to thoroughly test each change in a controlled environment. Before making a choice, you can experiment with new methods using your actual data to gauge their effects. With a secure staging area, you can respond swiftly to changing business requirements and be sure that major system changes won’t have a disastrous effect on your important system of record—especially when using third-party APIs.

Reduce risk while boosting ROI


All organizations are constantly growing or changing, and so you need to have the flexibility to adapt without slowing down work that’s in progress. To safely evaluate the value of transactions or other configuration options, it might involve testing. For instance, Community Dental Partners’ controller Christina Perez said, “The sandbox environment provides peace of mind, flexibility, and less risk. We can try something in the sandbox environment without causing any issues or entries in the live environment that need to be reversed or voided because what we tried out didn’t work.”

Empower productive teams with learning 

The capacity to quickly train new users or temporary resources during times of rapid growth or turnover is the third major advantage of a sandbox. You can immediately familiarize new hires with your company’s actual data set so they can learn from their mistakes without endangering your live data or running the risk of corruption in the production environment.

What Customers Have to Say

Almost all of our finance and accounting team is using the Sage Intacct sandbox in some way, shape, or form as we integrate new technologies, applications, and processes. We’re pushing ourselves with continuous learning, and it is a great transformation for the team as they get energized by doing more interesting work. Overall, the return for what we spend on the sandbox certainly exceeds expectations.

Without reservation, I can say that our Sage Intacct sandbox is probably the best investment we’ve made. It’s worth its weight in gold because it gives us the freedom to dream and helps us do our jobs better.

As a result of the Sage Intacct sandbox, our team is building greater discipline and adopting more mature practices. That self-learning is important because, as a growing company, we’re getting more customers and don’t want to stumble. Since we don’t have to worry about breaking anything, we’re doing more testing and becoming more methodical about investing in systems improvement.

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