5 Ways Sage Intacct can help your Nonprofit achieve its Mission

5 Ways Sage Intacct can Help your Nonprofit Achieve its mission

It seems like everywhere you go people are talking about ‘digital transformation.’ But what does it mean for a nonprofit finance team like yours? Digital transformation with Sage Intacct can provide your nonprofit with a data-driven understanding of its performance, what areas require your attention, and where improvements can be made. It also frees up employees to focus on higher-value tasks, instead of spending time on manual work that could be automated.

The pain of dated technology

Nonprofits face a range of obstacles to achieving their mission, both external and internal. In addition to increasing competition for funding, economic shifts that create more demand for services, and government regulations, internal processes and technology can also create significant barriers.

Nonprofit organizations are often held back by disjointed business and financial systems that lack data sharing and fail to provide the necessary metrics for making informed decisions. To improve efficiency and gain valuable insights, nonprofit finance leaders should prioritize better automation, integration, and visibility across all systems.

Sage Intacct for nonprofits

5 Benefits of Sage Intacct for Nonprofits

Sage Intacct is a genuine cloud-based solution that offers nonprofit organizations the connectivity, visibility, and efficiency needed to achieve more with less. With open APIs, Sage Intacct strengthens stewardship, builds influence, grows funding, and ultimately drives mission success for nonprofits.

1. Empower your modern accounting team

Sage Intacct offers a unique solution, allowing you to generate custom dashboards and reports that match your organization’s specific objectives and operational metrics. You can easily access your work from any device or browser, giving you peace of mind. Additionally, you can effortlessly share views with non-finance colleagues, including the executive team, finance committee and other stakeholders who require insights for decision-making.

2. Achieve real-time operational and financial visibility

Sage Intacct offers a comprehensive, multi-dimensional, and multi-ledger system that allows you to effortlessly record detailed financial and operational data in the same manner as your organization’s management.

With this system, you can gain immediate insight into all aspects of your organization’s finances. Whether you want to know which funds were allocated to each project, the performance of your organization by location or team, the expenses associated with each employee or volunteer, or any other aspect specific to your organization, Sage Intacct has you covered.

3. Streamline multi-entity, location, and currency management

Whether you’re managing a cultural institution with a museum and retail outlet, a fraternal organization overseeing countless independent chapters, or a global industry association with offices spanning several countries, Sage Intacct simplifies your multi-entity, multi-site, multi-currency, and multi-country operations.

Automate inter-entity transactions, allocations, eliminations, and financial consolidation with ease, thanks to extensive built-in automation and one-click consolidations. This ensures smoother financial reporting and analysis.

4. Simplify grant, fund, and donor accounting

Managing finances for nonprofit organizations can be a complex task, as no two funding sources are the same. Sage Intacct simplifies this process with its comprehensive range of features. From revenue recognition to reporting, the software makes it easy to measure the effectiveness of your organization’s programs and demonstrate your financial responsibility to donors, grantors, volunteers, and others.

Sage Intacct offers robust fund, grant, and donor accounting, flexible budgeting and planning, real-time reporting, and role-based dashboards.

5. Automate operational workflow processes

Sage Intacct offers configurable design options, enabling flexibility and automation in your organization’s operational workflows, tracking, and reporting toolsets. This feature ensures compliance, freeing up time to concentrate on strategic financial management. As your organization changes, financial operations must keep up with transaction tracking procedures, internal controls, and reporting views that support current and future organizational needs.


Sage Intacct can help you accomplish your mission by providing you the visibility, flexibility, efficiency, automation, and integration you need to succeed. Replacing and updating your old accounting solution with a modern, best-in-class cloud solution built for nonprofit organizations can cost less than you think—while saving you time and resources

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