Sage Partner Cloud: Sage-Endorsed Hosting for Sage 100 & Sage 300

Sage Partner Cloud powered by Microsoft Azure

Sage launches Sage Partner Cloud with Microsoft Azure Hosting Endorsement

Sage recently issued a press release announcing the Sage Partner Cloud Program in the U.S. and Canada. The program encourages Sage partners like DSD Business Systems to encourage a path to remote connectivity for Sage 100cloud and Sage 300cloud products by way of Microsoft Azure hosting.

With Sage Partner Cloud, Sage partners and clients alike are empowered with the ability to host their Sage solution remotely while controlling costs and navigating manageable change.

Sage Partner Cloud comes at an opportune time for SMBs that are re-evaluating the ways in which they operate to accommodate the COVID-19  economic landscape.
Sage Partner Cloud provides key benefits:


Sage 100 and Sage 300 will continue to emphasize connectivity integrations with other applications and customizations to create uniquely flexibly business management solutions for each SMBs needs, now available in a hosted cloud.

Time Saving

Because Sage Partner Cloud leverages the
Sage Provisioning Portal, the deployment of
Sage 100 cloud and Sage 300 cloud in the cloud is automated, creating less disruption and saving time as legacy Sage clients go through digital changes.


Sage Partner Cloud has been designed to give Sage clients confidence that their data is protected via the world class Microsoft Azure security.

Cost Effectiveness

Customers can continue to use their Sage100 and Sage 300 ERP products, reducing training and avoiding business disruption.

Sage Partner Cloud is powered by a custom web portal called Sage Provisioning PortalThe Sage Provisioning Portal allows Sage partners to monitor and service their hosted customer base all in one place, dramatically simplifying the visibility and administrative overhead. 

Nancy Harris, Executive Vice President & Managing Director, Sage North America

“Today more than ever, the ability to work anytime, anywhere, and access business-critical information is imperative. The Sage Partner Cloud program lets customers migrate to the cloud on their terms, at their pace, on the Sage Business Management Solution they know and trust.”

Nancy Harris
Executive Vice President and Managing Director
Sage North America
Sage 100 Cloud Hosting



MyHostedDSD is for all Sage ERP and CRM products.  MyHostedDSD is finally the cloud hosting service that meets all our criteria for reliability, speed, security, ease of use, affordability, and connectivity.   MyHostedDSD is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world leaders in Internet hosting services.  MyHostedDSD benefits from the amazing power and breadth of resources that AWS provides to all its subscribers.


There are three important factors to consider when choosing a hosting provider: Data Management and Security, Support, and Network Scalability.

How is MyHostedDSD Different?

DSD Business Systems and its clients have used many hosting services for Sage products, so we know their shortcomings, eccentricities and weaknesses. MyHostedDSD is a superset of those other services and is guaranteed to work with any Sage ERP or CRM system. MyHostedDSD will work with heavily modified systems, with third-party products in use, with multiple user access, and no matter how many other servers or connected services your system must have access to.

Learn more about MyHostedDSD and the seamless integration with Sage ERP

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