Is Cloud-Based ERP Right For You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cloud ERP Software for Small Business
 Did you know cloud-based ERP helps more than 90% of small and mid-sized businesses succeed and evolve as they grow? 

Putting technology to work is critical to business growth and sustainability and most of these SMBs understand that technology is a critical component for success. This is especially true when it comes to managing the operations that are the backbone of any business: accounting, distribution, manufacturing, HR, etc.

Digital transformation is happening at a rapid pace but is SaaS ERP right for you? 

Finding the right solution for your business starts with an audit of your unique organizational requirements and resources. 

Common questions include:
-What business outcomes does the solution need to support?
-What capabilities are must-haves? 
-How much customization will I need?
-What external factors (regulatory, partner, supplier, etc) need to be considered? 
Acumatica Cloud ERP, a leading provider of cloud business management software, has created an informative infographic on the topic. 
Read on to learn more about the path these SMBs took to help the decision-making processes.

Check out the infographic and learn:

1. The top drivers of cloud-based ERP implementation
2. How to select the right cloud ERP solution for your business
3. How to avoid common ERP pitfalls
4. Six clear signs your cloud ERP vendor has your best interests at heart.
5. What makes Acumatica stand out compared to other ERP vendors

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