Sage Intacct Cloud System For Midsized Distributors

Mid-sized distributors are those that have scaled their business to an extent and use some form of on-premises technology for their day to day operations. A wholesale distributor is categorized as midsized when they handle more than 100 but less than 500 orders a day and have less than $50M in annual revenue.

These distributors often face a number of challenges when their orders cross the current threshold, and when their revenue also increases. When scaling the business, they run into several problems, mostly because of the outdated systems they use for their operations.

Two of the biggest challenges mid-sized distributors face are:

  1. Manual or semi-manual processes

While small distributors use only manual processes, mid-sized distributors have usually graduated to semi-manual processes, but still don’t use fully automated systems. As we know, distributors deal with large volumes of goods, and usually have a lot of accounting tasks that are complex and time consuming.

Using manual or semi-annual systems take up valuable time of the employees, since the volume of goods, data to be entered, and numbers to be calculated are big. This results in inefficiency and slow operations in age when everyone wants to get more done in less time.

Some of the challenges that Sage Intacct can solve are:

Manual order-to-cash processing: Waiting to get the money after delivering an order is an arduous task for every distributor. If this process happens to be manual, it gets more difficult.

Mid-sized distributors with on-site manual systems use spreadsheets for orders and bills, while multi-entry consolidations require manual export to spreadsheets, taking days to complete. This is a huge challenge for the business because until the close process is complete, the money isn’t going to come.

Sage Intacct has integration with Salesforce, helping automate the consolidation and order-to-cash processing, saving up to 80 percent in costs, and generating additional cash flow. Sales are also increased by up to 300 percent.

  1. Limited realtime visibility

Mid-sized distributors face a lot of difficulties trying to gain real-time visibility into operations, because of lack of native dashboards, inflexible report writers, and limited dimensions to break data for standard reporting. As volumes scale, the distributor needs to add more headcount, as well feel the urge to shift from on-site to cloud systems.

Sage Intacct offers flexible dimensions and real-time dashboards to get better visibility into daily logistics, inventory velocity, and profitability. Irrespective of the size of the business, Sage Intacct provides the right cloud solutions for the maximum efficiency and success.

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