Improving Inventory Control and Visibility With Sage Intacct

A wholesale distributor, big, medium, or small, deals with large volumes of goods on a daily basis. To be able to keep track of every item that comes in or goes out, proper inventory control is required. When a business is small, manual inventory control is possible because there is a limited volume of goods to deal with.

But when the business scales, the volume increases, and manual control becomes impossible. It is not practical for any business to manually count every item that is coming in or going out of the warehouse. Trying to manually manage large volumes of inventory results in costly inaccuracies.

Inventory control

Inventory control is necessary for ensuring the quality of products, especially if the distributors deal in consumer goods. Without inventory control, it is hard to know when an important item is out of stock, or when an item is slow moving, or if damage or theft is occurring.

Total control over a business

An automated inventory control system will keep the distributor informed in such a case, and also automatically track large shipments. An automated inventory control system helps minimize errors.

When a business scales, lack of inventory control can lead to a rise in inventory costs, by making it hard to figure out slow turning items, out of stock items, and inventory theft and damage. Poor inventory control makes overstocking and product shortage unavoidable.

You need inventory control if you:

  • Have to move focus away from other important tasks when counting products
  • Pay a large number of your employee’s overtime, or get extra people to help with counting
  • Need to count on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis

Sage Intacct offers an advanced inventory management system that helps distributors improve inventory turns and reduce stock outs.

Improving inventory visibility

It is hard for a small distributor to track inventory costs in realtime. They are unable to add value like shipping and packaging costs to inventory price or offer specific dates to customers for out of stock items.

Over-buying slow moving items and failing to stock fast-moving items can lead to unsatisfied customers. Poor inventory visibility also makes it hard to track the movement of goods from the warehouse to the destination.

Sage Intacct helps solve these challenges by offering solutions to properly price items, with the help of flexible dimensions and realtime dashboards. Sage Intacct also provides realtime insight into logistics, inventory velocity, and profits. Easy to implement and use, Sage Intacct cloud systems help enhance efficiency and productivity.

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