EDI and so much more. SPS Commerce makes your retail trading partnerships run like clockwork.

Whether you’re a retailer, supplier, distributor or logistics provider, SPS Commerce delivers the human expertise, processes and innovative technologies you need to make your trading partner relationships easier, more collaborative and profitable.

Meet EDI requirements quickly, painlessly and cost-effectively

Get 100% compliant EDI set up fast through SPS Commerce. Our web-based EDI solution can help with all types of EDI needs. Check out our specialties below.

350,000+ Trading Connections
1,000+ Pre-Qualified 3PLs
200+ ERP & Software Automations
11,000+ Drop-Ship Connections
EDI Testing & Certification Service

What is EDI and EDI compliance?

EDI is an abbreviation for electronic data interchange. EDI is essentially a system and standardized language that allows trading partners to communicate electronically, automatically, instead of faxing, emailing and other transmission of paper documents.

EDI compliance refers to the ability to send and receive electronic documents in the specific data format that your retail partner requires, every time you exchange documents and transactions. To learn more about EDI, check out our EDI 101 guide.

Access to a team of consultants to address your retailer’s business and technical EDI compliance requirements.

Robust, end-to-end process that ensures a successful outcome into production

Content-level testing, as well as scenario testing based on order management model

Connectivity testing via VAN, AS2 or FTP.

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