Criterion Payroll

Education and Government

Add stability to the ever-changing workforce dynamics

Attract the appropriate individuals, increase staff participation, and keep your agency and department visible.

Build a data-driven people management system

Keep your employees engaged

Allow your staff to manage their own careers with simple self-management tools.

Onboard and retain top talent

Customize recruiting, onboarding, and learning activities while adhering to EEO guidelines.

Create a unique HCM universe

Create unique employee experiences and configure departmental needs with ease.

Criterion HCM


Get help when you need it

Advance with the help of a personal customer success manager and the emergency line, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Streamline all admin processes

Get the most out of integrated project accounting by automating payroll.

360┬░ view of your organization

Everything is stored in a single, unified cloud database that includes hundreds of critical reports.

Welcome to the future of work

How HCMs empower
employee growth.

Best practices when it comes to
employee learning

Criterion Payroll

Education and Government

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