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The only healthcare accounting software endorsed by the AICPA and Healthcare Financial Management Association Peer Reviewed.

Sage Intacct for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare accounting software that delivers clear, measurable results

Ensuring your healthcare financials are HIPAA-compliant

Sage Intacct’s cloud financial solutions, which have an advanced audit trail, are the answer when you need absolute HIPAA compliance. Avertium (previously Sword & Shield) has validated security measures as HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant, and Sage Intacct is eager to engage into a Business Associate Agreement with qualified healthcare clients. Users can rest easy knowing that they can adhere to stringent regulatory requirements using Sage Intacct.

Sage Intacct Cloud Accounting Dashboards
Sage Intacct

Automating financials across your multi-entity organization

Healthcare organizations with several locations or entities can use a shared chart of accounts, execute quick and ongoing consolidations, consolidate payables, and do away with manual payment and intercompany accounting processes. Users can enhance accuracy, save time, and do without hiring more personnel thanks to Sage Intacct’s healthcare accounting software.

Multi-entity insight through dynamic dashboards

Sage Intacct enables users real-time access to every measure and KPI that counts, such as profitability per location, treatment, CPT code, or physician, with the use of intuitive dashboards and reports.

Sage Intacct for Software and SaaS companies

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Cloud Accounting Software for Healthcare Organizations

HIPPA Compliance and Financials: What to Look for and What's Next

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