Acumatica Cloud ERP: Field Service Management

ACUMATICA Field Service Management

Acumatica Field Service Management increases dispatching efficiency, cuts down response times, and reduces costs. Integrate Acumatica Field Service with CRM, sales, inventory, purchasing, accounting, and financial reporting for more insights into your service company.

With a 360-degree view of customer activities, improve the overall customer experience increasing recurring revenues. Access all applications from any device with internet, ideal for your field workforce. Easily transition between applications, Acumatica Field Services Management is part of Acumatica ERP, not a bolt on application.

Key Benefits

Schedule the right people that fit your needs with Acumatica Field Service Management. Recognize service needs and access customer info, product history, and resources required. Create schedules automatically or using drag-and drop tools on the graphical dispatch board organized by color.

Keep your staff members connected through any device with a browser or mobile device app. Access service info and customer data from anywhere, any time. As a full web ERP, Acumatica can run on the entire spectrum of mobile devices.

All system users can stay up to date with the info that matters
using Acumatica BI (business intelligence). Personalized dashboards are easily created with rich visuals to track. Also, leverage Microsoft Power BI to deliver insights from multiple data sources that are key to your business.

In field services, tools and repair parts are typically spread across multiple vehicles and warehouse locations. With Acumatica, you can get control and keep track of the locations and costs. With integrated inventory and purchasing, shortages can trigger replenishment orders. Inventory can be sent to a specific location and when the parts arrive, the dispatcher is alerted to schedule the service appointment for installation.

Optimize appointment routes by filtering appointments by specific criteria. Routes are plotted In Google Maps for each service person with lists of required resources (equipment or machine). Displaying the routes visually informs the dispatcher of order status with different colors enabling them to rapidly respond and make route changes. Automatically uses Google map services to minimize the driving time. The route will change as traffic conditions change.

Use the visual tools to add unplanned service calls. Make changes to the planned route that will least impact scheduling. Have the new service order sent to the technician’s mobile device.

Customer Management (CRM) is part of Acumatica. From marketing, quoting, building, and installing, and field services, the customer info is transparent throughout the organization providing a 360-degree field of all customer interactions. When selling equipment, the installation appointment can be scheduled while the user is in order entry. (CRM optional application)

Recurring service contracts are a significant source of revenue. Visibility on renewal dates for each contract helps preserve the revenue. Dashboards can alert the service team of expiring contracts. Your team can create and manage multiple service schedules per customer and fine-tune appointments using the Schedule Calendar Board for staff and resources.

Utilizes the most popular map provider with an interface familiar to everyone. Real-time graphical information about location, drive time, etc., is available anywhere. Changes to the route are instantly redrawn and available on the technician’s mobile device.

Keep track of the complete history of the equipment/machine installed at each customer’s site and stocked repair parts. With Acumatica’s integration of sales and service stores, the equipment records through quoting, order, delivery, installation, and then service work in the field. It also includes manufacturer, model, configuration, and schedule preventive maintenance orders.

Field Service Management is for projects of all sizes. When the installations are very large all the costs per phase of the project are tracked in Acumatica Project Accounting (sold as an optional application). Compare actual project costs with original and revised budgets in real time.

With Acumatica, Warranty Management is integrated with the other applications. Establish warranty offers, specifying which parts are under warranty. Multidimensional contracts (different warranty periods for different components of the system) aid in tracking warranties from sales to repair in the field. This helps to ensure billing accuracy, improving customer satisfaction.

Field Service Applications

Service Management

Maximize dispatching by scheduling the right people in the right situations. Easily obtain real-time data for work taking place in the field or on-site with Acumatica Service Management

Equipment Management

This is sold as a separate application. The equipment management module tracks all products related to your customer and schedules preventative maintenance.

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