Acumatica Cloud ERP Software Version 2020 R1 Overview

We are excited to announce the release of Acumatica 2020 R1!

In 2020 R1, Acumatica will improve usability, introduce powerful new modules, enhance our best-in-class functionality, improve cross-connected workflows, and deliver additional codeless customization capabilities.

Acumatica New Release 2020 R1 Spotlight Video

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Highlighted features of 2020 R1:


Take back time with superior usability

Acumatica elevates the user experience with this new release. The Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform delivers flexibility and ease of use for modern business applications. Acumatica users spend less time figuring out how to do their work and more on getting things done.

Feature List:

  • Utilize AI/ML to simplify your experience
    • Use your mobile camera to create expense receipts 
  • Get to data entry screens faster with the quick add button


  • Record travel and break time while on service calls
  • Attach captured images to Acumatica data records
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    Simplified reporting:

    • Improve performance via dashboard caching
    • Pivot table percentage calculations and distinct counts

      Eliminate business silos with powerful new native modules

      We understand firsthand the complexity of running your business on disparate systems. In 2020 R1, Acumatica delivers robust, new modules so that you can run your entire business on one system.

      Dominate Your Markets with Omnichannel Commerce:

      Acumatica enables customers to automate B2B and B2C by providing omnichannel sales and fulfillment with seamless back-end accounting.

      In 2020 R1, we deliver a robust integration to BigCommerce. We built the integration using our new commerce engine that makes it even easier to connect to leading eCommerce applications. Our ISV partners deliver marketplace solutions that connect Magento and Shopify.

      Feature List:

      • Ecommerce powered business management system via BigCommerce integration

      Cut Overhead Expenses and Keep Your Employees Happy with In-House Payroll:

      Acumatica Payroll eliminates the cost of maintaining an interface to an external payroll. Our module allows you to keep control of valuable company and employee information while providing seamless processing of employee timecards with access to detailed GL and project data.

      Acumatica Payroll supports salaried and hourly workers, integrated taxes and tax forms, certified wages, union wages, timecard integration, and flexible payroll periods.

      Feature List:

      • Minimize overhead expenses with Acumatica Payroll

      Turbocharge growth with best in class functionality

      Acumatica is tailor-made for midmarket growth businesses and delivers best in class capabilities by combining core functions into a single integrated business-wide software suite. In 2020 R1, we provide new features and enhancements to all our industry editions.

      Feature List for Distribution Companies:

      • Expand sales and speed warehouse operations
        • Matrix inventory quickly generates, tracks and manages related items
        • WMS includes wave and batch picking for rapid fulfilment
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      Features for International Companies:

      • International depreciation enhancements support worldwide expansion

      Feature List for Construction Companies:

      • Manage more construction projects with improved project management tools
        • Simplified project balance reconciliation
        • Track project progress with improved daily field reports including photo logs and weather
        • Track payments and retainage by lines in AR

      Feature List for Manufacturing Companies:

      • Improve manufacturing operations
        • Track production and costs with native shop floor data collection 
        • Advanced planning features capable-to-promise and what-if scenarios
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      Tailor Acumatica to your business without writing code

      Utilize online tools to develop reports, modify workflows, add user-defined fields, and much more without writing a single line of code. Acumatica enables you to tailor your instance to the way that you conduct business.

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      Feature List:

      • Modify tab order and visibility — View the video
      • Dynamically define field valid values
      • Automate business processes with a powerful, new workflow engine for CRM
      • Faster and easier data imports
      • Add side panels to data screens to speed data entry 

      Accelerate your business with cross-connected workflows

      We know that business workflows must span functional boundaries and allow easy and effective communications across your organization. With Acumatica’s cloud solution, you can orchestrate end-to-end workflows, boost productivity, and ultimately accelerate your business.

      Feature List:

      • Improved lead qualification and contact management links sales with production
      • Enhanced project billing based on field service activities
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