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Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is an end-to-end manufacturing ERP solution with embedded and connected functionality for all parts of the manufacturing business. Not only does it help manufacturers improve profitability, but also manage resources and reduce costs. Acumatica delivers an unparalleled experience for users and customers alike, because it is designed for modern technologies and built on a modern cloud platform. Consequently, the software operates with an open architecture for rapid integrations, scalability, and ease of use,

“If you have streamlined operations, understand pricing, and have up-to-date information, you can be very competitive and take advantage of inefficiencies in the market.”

According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), manufacturers contributed $2.33 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2018’s first quarter. Furthermore, most of the manufacturing firms in the U.S. have fewer than 500 employees (as of 2015). Obviously, SMB manufacturers pack a powerful punch, and Acumatica’s new Whitepaper, Why Manufacturers Depend on Acumatica for Their Success, highlights how their size fosters flexibility. As a result, finding a manufacturing ERP that flexes with them provides a competitive edge. Acumatica Manufacturing software delivers and can give you a solution that adapts to your needs.

See Why Manufacturers Depend on Acumatica for their Success

See how four Acumatica clients reduced costs, increased profits, and enhanced operational efficiency over a three-year period.

Offices are empty, virtual teams are the new norm, and organizations are scrambling to figure out how they can execute and deliver with a 100% remote workforce. Acumatica can help!

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