Sage Intacct & Acumatica Rank High in 2021 Top ERP Software Awards

Sage Intacct and Acumatica Awards

Sage Intacct and Acumatica ranked high this year in 2021 top ERP software awards receiving both SoftwareReview Gold Medals and Vendor Capability Awards. The SoftwareReviews Gold Medal Awards honor excellent technology suppliers as voted on by their customers. The Vendor Capability Awards are based off of individual components that make up a great software. 

Gold Medals are awarded based on a composite satisfaction score that averages four different areas of evaluation: Net Emotional Footprint, Vendor Capabilities, Product Features, and Likeliness to Recommend. They are the pinnacle of an in-depth software evaluation report and are awarded using a proprietary, transparent methodology based on a composite satisfaction score.

The vendor’s Net Emotional Footprint Score is based on user emotional reaction ratings (e.g. trustworthy, respectful, fair). The top five suppliers in each software area are eligible for awards if their composite scores meet a certain level of satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning - Data Quadrant

Data Quadrants are proudly created on 100% user review data and are free of conventional “magical” components like market presence and analyst opinion, which are opaque in nature and may be swayed by financial or other vendor pressure.

In the leader portion of the data quadrant, Sage Intacct led the pack with the highest ranking out of all competitors. Not shortly behind, Acumatica came in as the fourth highest leader according to each of their user’s experiences. Congratulations to both organizations for providing a great experience for users and being rewarded for it!

Software Experience

When it comes down to it, the software experience is determined by both the program experience and the vendor relationship. Evaluating business software along these two dimensions offers a thorough knowledge of the product and aids in the identification of providers that can meet both requirements.

Product Features and Satisfaction

The overall satisfaction score is determined by the likelihood of users recommending the program, as well as user satisfaction with the most important product features.

Vendor Experience and Capabilities

A weighted average of satisfaction scores connected to vendor capabilities  as well as emotional reaction ratings toward the vendor is used to determine the vendor relationship.


Sage Intacct logo

Sage Intacct did incredibly well and managed to be awarded four different Top Rated Capability awards as well as SoftwareReviews Gold Medal award for their composite score, emotional footprint, and their likeliness to be recommended.

Sage Intacct earned Vendor Capability Awards for Ease of Implementation, Ease of Data Integration, Vendor Support, and Quality of Features. Way to go Sage Intacct, they did an outstanding job this past year!

Acumatica Cloud ERP also had an amazing year and earned a SoftwareReviews Gold Medal for the year along with two different Vendor Capability awards. Acumatica won the Vendor Capability Awards for Usability and Intuitiveness as well as Business Value Created. Awesome job Acumatica!

Congratulations to both of our partners Sage Intacct and Acumatica for receiving numerous awards based on the product and overall customer experience they provide to their users. We are very proud of the work put in by both teams and are proud to be partners with such great organizations.

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