Sage Intelligent Time: AI-Powered Timesheets for Sage Intacct

Sage Intelligent Time

A new era in time entry with an AI-powered virtual time assistant that revolutionizes timesheets.

Sage has officially released the first artificial intelligence (AI) powered application built directly into the Sage Intacct cloud financial management system. Sage Intelligent Time, available online or via a mobile app, provides continuous, timely, and more accurate insights to better manage billable time in services-based businesses.

Sage Intelligent Time uses an AI-powered personal time assistant to enable service professionals to complete their timesheets more quickly and accurately by automatically reconstructing their workday. This also offers the ability to capture billable time more easily from one-off activities, such as email, that are often too time-intensive to track manually.

Sage Intelligent Time – Guided Web Entry

Eric Zahnlecker, principal product manager for AI and Machine Learning at Sage AI Labs said: “Intelligent Time enables service businesses to leverage artificial intelligence to automate time entry, reduce revenue leakage, and improve employee utilization.”

The Only AI-Powered Time Entry System

Data Sheet

Sage Intelligent Time Data Sheet


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AI-powered timesheets—simpler, faster, better

AI-powered timesheets–simpler, faster, better

AI-powered timesheets built into Sage Intacct Financials provide continuous, accurate, and complete insights to profitably manage your service business. The Time Assistant helps your professional team ensure they account for all of their work. With Sage Intelligent Time, your team’s time entry is always fast and accurate.

Smarter timesheet management

With Sage Intelligent Time your finance team can focus on preparing invoices, reviewing key metrics, and closing the books. No more hounding the professional staff for late timesheets, or painstaking time entry reviews looking for errors. Sage Intelligent Time can automatically alert your team of late or rejected time entry, and the Time Assistant helps drive timesheet accuracy no matter how long it takes your team to complete their timesheet.

Smarter timesheet management
Timesheet management anytime, anywhere

Timesheet management anytime, anywhere

The mobile application for Sage Intelligent Time works for both Android and iPhone. Its sleek design is built for the mobile interface and allows your team to complete their timesheet while waiting in line for coffee. The timesheet application delivers all the same capabilities of the Time Assistant, putting the power of AI in the palm of your team’s hand.

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